Travel Checklist for Your Awesome Vacation

Travel light-

Holiday, vacation, and trip these words make your mind light as all the tensions and stress fades away. Then why do you end up travelling with an over packed bag. Here is a travel checklist to follow so that you have a burden free vacation:

Don’t carry your entire wardrobe: It’s just a holiday, carry minimum clothes, one or two nightwear and shoes. Pack depending on the place you are going. You can always buy more at the holiday destination.

Travel checklist

First Aid: Carry essential medication like cotton, bandage, antiseptic solution and cream, dettol, painkiller, antibiotics, paracetamol, etc. consult the doctor for the appropriate medicines.

Documents and money: Always carry essential documents like tickets, identity proof, passport and visa (travelling abroad), etc. carry limited money as an emergency and travel with Debit and Credit cards. Carry emergency phone numbers too.

Travel checklist for your awesome vacation

Electronics: Don’t forget to add your camera to the travel checklist, to capture memories of the splendid vacation. Alongside carry an extra memory card, battery. For your mobile phone carry a portable charger and plug in charger. An mp4 or I-pod music player if you are travelling alone.

Other essentials: Carry a sunscreen or winter lotion depending on the place, umbrella, cardigan, sunglasses, a book (if you like reading), torch, wrist watch, maps etc.

Follow the Travel checklist, carry only essentials and enjoy your vacation. You can download travel checklist Apps like Suitcase Packing list, Packing Checklist or Travel packing list from Google Play store App.

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