10 Impressive Things Created by Designers with Creativity Level = 100

Check amazing things designed by people that made your life easier. See their creativity how they design a table that can also be used as a bookkeeper, a laptop table, and a desk.

5 years ago
10 Impressive Things Created by Designers with Creativity Level = 100

What do you think- who the designers are? They are the people with a high level of creativity, unusual thinking, and the ones who often inspire everyone to design some unconventional and crazy things.

Being creative not only means that you should design or draw something out of the box, sometimes it could be giving a creative touch to the ordinary things you use in daily life.

Let’s dive in and explore a few designs that should be more recognized. Also, big thanks to the designers who created them, and made things, even more, easier for us.

These designs by the designers have impressed me a lot. Sometimes, I think about how people can be so creative!

1. A Perfect Shoe Organizer

Whether you have a few pairs or an avid shoe lover, there is always a creative way to manage footwears in less space. This shoe rack is compact plus can be fixed anywhere in the house. The shoe cabinet is perfect for space saving and for the one who has a limited budget. Check more shoe rack designs that you can install in your home.

Source = Homebnc

Use the space below your stairs and put a large number of shoes.

Source = Pinimg

Go with the rollable shoe holder and use the wasted space under your bed.

2. An Egg Box Cum Holder

Keep eggs safe in a holder. What’s amazing is the holder can be kept in kid’s room to keep pencils, erasers and other stationeries, and even to hide your favorite chocolates.

3. Sofa Bench That Charges Your Phone

Source = Dailypost

Designed by Strawberry Energy, the sofa cum bench also checks for the noise, temperature, and pollution levels. The bench allows you to sit down and to charge the device via wireless charging pads. It includes USB ports and attached solar panel.

Next time, when your phone is not charged, relax and sit on the bench, and let your phone charge while you enjoy the greenery around you. It includes Wi-Fi internet, is resistant to bad weather, and several independent functions. This is a great innovation, an amazing device, and a great addition to your urban furniture.

4. The Beautiful Paintings on Sling to Make You Forget the Pain

Source = Pinimg

What are your thoughts on it?

I guess this is the best idea for kids to make them forget that immense pain. Design their favorite cartoon character or superhero on the cast and let them show you their superpower.

Source = Brightside

Source = Pinimg

5. A Perfect and Cool Sofa for Your Pet

Source = Freshome

Pets have a special place in our hearts. Be it a dog or cat: they love playing hide and seek and are the best companion when we are home alone. Working in favor of these pets, some designers created a sofa that has a special space for them.

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With a voluminous yet hollow frame, the Shell sofa is instantly visible. It is, in a strictly physical sense, minimalist (because it’s mainly hollow), but visually, the Shell sofa is almost pillowy, spacious, and a treat to look at. The sofa is a frame that curves from the left to the back and to the right, with space in between for cushions, or even two side tables if you remove the cushions at the extreme ends. It’s visually imposing, but still manages to look light and airy, thanks to its wickerwork of metal rods. The interwoven rods also create this moire effect that creates a dynamic optical illusion, making the Shell sofa’s body incredibly interesting to look at… and while we’re on the subject of interesting, the sofa comes with two small openings at the beginning and end of its structure, making it perhaps the most entertaining play area for a domestic cat. Good luck getting it out though once it goes inside! - Designer: Nikita Nekhoroshev - Follow us @yankodesign (442K+) for product design news and @yankodesignselect for buyable designs.

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If you own a pet, make them feel special by buying a piece of furniture that is bordered by a tunnel and will keep them entertained.

Wow! Your cat has now a place of her own where she can hide or play. Here are more pets that are best companions.

6. A Unique Device That Solves the Problem of Long Hanging Wires

Source = Ebaumsworld

How many times have you thought to cut those unused long dangling wires taking space at home? This device is perfectly designed to solve the problem of those loose wires creating a problem, especially when you have a kid at home.

7. Two-in-One or Reversible Seat Designed for Tram

Source = Wikimedia

Wow! This is amazing. But why only for the tram, you can also use this reversible seat for garden and home too. But from where you would buy this seat?

I am still finding it, if you know the store, then please do me a favor, send this to my address (of course I will pay you).

8. When You Wear a Digital Bangle

Source = Startupselfie

Can you imagine a bangle could also be turned into a digital device? This digital bangle is a stylish and great device to wear in everyday life. The device has an OLED screen that displays information.

Just like any smartwatch that keeps you informed about the steps taken and notifies about your fitness goals, the device also allows you to send messages, and to focus on fitness plans.

What do you think- is this digital bangle the future of jewelry? You can gift this digital bangle to your beloved on her birthday. Check more amazing birthday gifts under $25.

Source = Golem13

9. Unique Glasses that Allow You to Adjust the Level of Vision

I think this is the best gift for those wearing specs and have complaints about not having a proper vision. Buy this glass and adjust your vision. Check the video of how it works.

10. A Multipurpose Desk and a Beautiful Piece as an Interior for a Home

What could be more amazing than buying a piece that could be turned as a desk, laptop table, and a magazine keeper?

This multipurpose designer table is best for those having less space and could not afford to buy the three tables for different purposes.

Final Words

Whether you are living in a modern home or an apartment, there’s always a complaint about not having space. But these designers have shown that creativity has nothing to do with space.

The post was not about how to think like a designer and be more innovative. Instead, you should know that impressive ideas do not come own. Creativity develops over time.

Have you ever tried designing things that could make life easier or seen such creativity around you? How was your reaction? Share your views.


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