10 Exotic Pet Animals That Are Best Companions (#10 is Damn Cute)

Before you bring home any of the exotic pet animals from around the world, make sure you know how to take care of them. Know about some unique pets and their behavior here.

5 years ago
10 Exotic Pet Animals That Are Best Companions (#10 is Damn Cute)

Have you ever thought of owning a snake or a bearded dragon lizard? No? Is it because they sound scary? But what if we say that they are the friendliest of all exotic animals on the earth?

When it comes to owning a pet, a dog is probably the first choice of pet lovers. They are cute, great companions, and most importantly, loyal to their owners. But do you know there are some exotic pets known for their beauty, intelligence, cool temperament and require no grooming at all?

If you ever thought that considering the exotic animals as pets would require high maintenance, you would be amazed to know that the below list of pet animals are known for their minimal upkeep.

1. Chinchilla

Source = Wikimedia

Chinchillas are the cutest pet animal for a small family. Naturally found in South America, Chinchillas are known for their boisterous nature and soft, dense fur. 

They are larger than ground squirrels and live in colonies called ‘herds’ at high elevations. Chinchilla pet has the densest fur coats of all mammals. They are playful and bond easily with their owners.

If you are planning to own this exotic pet animal, make sure that you keep their cages large because they prefer a cage for their daily exercise and playful time.

If you like cuddling animals, stay away from Chinchilla as it doesn’t like to be cuddled but loves to run around.

2. Bengal Cat

Source = Ehowcdn

Bengal cat is one of the most popular breeds of cat. Originally from the US, this breed is the result of a cross between domestic and wild Asian cats. The Bengal cats love playing in the water, so don’t feel surprised if you see them taking a bath near the pool. What’s more amazing is these cats quickly adapt their owners’ behavior and get along with both kids and adults.

Bengal cat is both active and intelligent. It is a friendly and talkative cat who is always alert. Its affectionate qualities with animals & humans make it a great family pet. But if you are thinking of owning it as a pet, start saving now because the price of a Bengal kitten may vary from £700-1,500.

Tip: If you are a boring person, you better don’t own a Bengal cat because it will keep distracting you with its high energy by jumping here and there throughout the day.

3. Sugar Glider

Source = Texvetpets

Sugar Gliders are popular exotic pets because they bond easily with humans. They are found throughout the eastern parts of Tasmania, Australia, and in the specific isles of Halmahera Islands. It is a cute, unique & little animal, and an entertaining pet that requires regular interaction to be your friend.

The noises that these exotic pets make tell about their mood if they are upset, hungry, or frightened. They love to climb and hop from place to place if space allows it and would cuddle up in a nest when they fall asleep. They have sharp teeth and nails, but they are not aggressive. They will bite if they feel frightened.

If you are thinking of owning this cute pet, make sure that you keep Sugar Glider away from sunlight and in an area with the temperature ranging from 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit. They are omnivores and consume both plants and small insects or birds.

4. The Stick Insect

Source = Thoughtco

You might have learned about this unusual animal in school. In reality, the stick insect resembles small sticks and twigs. This unique animal is popular for its simple care needs. The stick insect can be found all across the world except for Patagonia and Antarctica. They are named so for their camouflage among the woods where they feed.

The Stick Insects are usually green, black, or brown with stick-shaped bodies that help them sit on branches. No doubt, they are very low maintenance and make for good pets among children as long as they are cared for by the adults. They need special care because their limbs can break easily.

Blackberry is considered their best diet. However, their food may also include rose, hawthorn, ivy, or privet. Cut branches of these plants and put them in their cage, change when they dry out.

So are you ready to take care of this unusual exotic pet? If so, make sure to keep them far away from their predators.

5. Hedgehog

Source = Theecologist

Hedgehogs are unique in appearance. Unfortunately, people often mistake these exotic animals as a scary creature, forgetting that they only harden their spines when they feel frightened. There are over 15 species of hedgehog found through the parts of Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. They feed on snakes, birds, grassroots, and watermelons.

Hedgehogs are very gentle, low maintenance, and strictly focus on their own business. A hedgehog can be a friendly pet if you are committed to checking that it doesn’t eat too little or too much. Otherwise, they sleep all day and stay awake all night. Hedgehogs are shy animals, so expect some time to bond with your pet.

6. Bearded Dragon Lizard

Source = Chadwellanimalhospital

Don’t feel scared! The Bearded Dragon Lizard looks scary, but this wild pet animal is one of the gentlest reptiles on the list. They love to be cared for and can easily be handled well by children. Despite their strange look, they are calm and friendly. The bearded dragon lizards are diurnal; they sleep at night and stay up during the day (Yeah! They are like us).

Dragon Lizard is one of the most amazing reptile pets that respond to their owner’s voice. Supplying UV light during the day helps this pet lizard gain Vitamin D, which is essential for their muscle contraction and proper bone formation. They often like to sit in the woods to bask in the sun.

So next time, when you see the bearded dragon lizard soaking in the sun, don’t run away; instead, click a selfie and upload it on your Instagram handle.

7. Puli

Source = Eservice-hk

Have you ever seen cotton ball jumping? If you haven’t and want to, then adopt this small-medium breed of Hungarian herding. Pulis are active, intelligent, and need training when young. 

Puli is usually a black dog; other less common colors are gray, cream, and white. Despite their bulky appearance, Pulis is agile, fast, courageous, and the most obedient dog as a pet. 

As a working dog, these exotic pets are determined when assigned any task. They are even used as police dogs. They are playful, independent and low maintenance dog breeds which require no grooming except regular bathing. Alternatively, their coat can be trimmed for easy maintenance.

8. Wallaroo

Source = Wordpress

If you are a pet lover and love kangaroos hopping from place to place, then you must own a Wallaroo. It is a common choice for unique pets. They are playful and bond very well with their owners. Native to Australia, Wallaroos falls in second place among the three largest species of Kangaroo.

If you are living in an apartment and considering the idea of owning wallaroo as a pet, then you should change your plan. That’s because they enjoy jumping, and it means they need a large and secure fenced yard. If you are going to buy a baby wallaroo, be prepared to feed him every hour. Their regular diet should include freshwater, grass, vegetables, and shrubs.

Before you plan to buy this exotic pet, do some research, and make sure the wallaroo you are considering has weight appropriate to its size.

9. Persian Cats

Source = Petsworld

Gone are the days when people only considered owning a dog, nowadays pet lovers look for Persian cats for their small apartments. These medium-sized, long hair cats are the favorite pet of Indians. 

You probably won’t find this adorable pet sleeping on bookshelves because it prefers lying on the sofa. What’s surprising is that they don’t mind a house full of guests and kids, and they hide when they need some "Me-time."

Persian cats are the best pets to have because they are sweet, quiet, good-tempered, loving, and adapt well to new surroundings.

10. Llama

Source = Bhalpaca

Commonly confused with Alpacas, Llamas are adorable pet animals with no maintenance. They are a mix of a donkey and a camel. Llamas share some features of a camel, especially the fat storage hump is the trademark of this exotic animal. These exotic pets are friendly and are considered the best stress busters.

Llamas adapt things very easily and serve as therapy animals in nursing homes. They are gentle, shy, and feed on grass, native shrubs, and tender shoots. A consistent supply of fresh-water is important for keeping them in good health. No doubt, Llamas are a perfect combination of cuteness and entertainment.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether caged or escaped, some exotic pet animals carry harmful diseases and need extra care that not many people can provide. For many reasons, owning a pet and especially exotic animals is a dangerous practice. As long as you own turtles, fish, or goats, it is fine; make sure that they are not spreading diseases.

Do you own any pets? If you don’t, then start with any of these exotic pet animals. But before you consider owning any of these pets, check your country laws if it allows you to keep any of them in your home or not.


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