15 Impressive Arm Tattoos for Men With Their Meanings

Are you looking for a tattoo that stands out, is not at all time consuming and costly as a full sleeve? If so, then here are some brilliant arm tattoo ideas for men.

5 years ago
15 Impressive Arm Tattoos for Men With Their Meanings

Tattoos are not only considered as the religious symbol, instead, getting them inked has become a trend. During the 17th century, there was a generally accepted codification of tattoo mark. The tattoos were used to identify wrongdoers and pariahs who resided in Japan. They were identified by the tattoo on their inner arm or by a straight line inked on the upper arm.

If you are searching for the tattoo designs that are perfect for showing off, then we recommend you to get one inked on forearms. Because men’s forearms are considered the sexiest part, and an arm tattoo that looks noticeable is eye-catching. Sometimes, the tattoos on forearms get extended to the chest area, including the bicep area as well.

Here’s a list of impressive and beautiful arm tattoos for men.

1. Wanderlust Tattoo On Forearm

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If you are a traveler, then you will surely love this wanderlust tattoo with good tiny details. This forearm tattoo design includes a map, time travel and other elements in an impressive manner.

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Don’t panic if you are not in a mood to get a full forearm tattoo, a simple wanderlust tattoo in beautiful font also looks cool and impressive.

2. Dragon Tattoo on Forearm

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Dragon reminds everyone to stay true to one’s self. It inspires men towards self-reflection and knowledge. A dragon tattoo inked by an artist can transform the forearm into a masterpiece. Asian dragon is usually picked for tattooing. While the Japanese dragon has 3 claws, the Chinese dragon has 5 claws and beard of flames.

A Chinese dragon symbolizes power, strength, and fear.

3. Name Tattoos for Men

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Modern romance is defined by the inception of new ideas and innovations. Show love for someone special by inking their name on arms. Do you have something to share? Yes? Ink it on your arms and show everyone how madly you are in love with your bae.

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Tattoo lettering is in trend. Choose the best quotes or words to get inked on arms.

4. Infinity Tattoo For Arms

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Infinity means forever or limitless. It is one of the positive tattoo symbols which depicts that love remains forever. A feather infinity tattoo is the most popular design amongst women. Nowadays, it is also getting popular among men for several reasons.

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Some men also prefer infinity symbol to get inked on biceps.

5. Wing Tattoo

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The wing tattoo on arms is quite popular. Although colored wing tattoos look impressive, this feathered tattoo also looks great with long and light feathers.

6. Pentagram

Source = Askideas

The Wicca or Neopagans use this Pentagram symbol in their rites. The Pentagram symbolizes different elements of the Wiccan world. In the ancient medieval period, the symbol signified dark magic and evil spirits coming to man.

7. Skull Forearm Tattoo

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Get half of the skull design on left forearm and its other half on the right forearm.

Source = Skullspiration

You can also try inking colored skull tattoo design on arms if you find half sleeve tattoos better than full sleeve designs.

8. 3D Tattoos

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3D tattoos always look outstanding. Get back to the classic time of pop and you will discover where this 3D idea has come from. 3D tattoos are not limited to the geometrical shapes. It has now been transformed into numerous ideas from skulls to stars, names to religious symbols.

9. Graffiti quotes

Source = Tattoo-journal

If you are looking for something trendy in quote tattoo designs, then go for graffiti arm tattoos. The quotes, when inked on arm, look great but when inked in graffiti style look awesome. Are you ready to adorn your forearms with an amazing graffiti tattoo? If so, then pick your favorite quote and get it inked on arms now.

10. Vampire Tattoo

Source = Tattoosforyou

The undead who rises from a coffin at night to suck the blood of human with long pointed teeth became popular after vampire series Twilight and vampire stories from Dracula and Guilty Pleasures.

When it comes to meanings, some see this tattoo design as evil, while some see blood dripping off teeth as an innovative idea. If you are also a big fan of Twilight and Vampire Diaries, put vampire tattoo on your arms to impress other vampire fans.

11. Biomechanical tattoos

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Biomechanical tattoos are unique in their own way. Although they are difficult to design and understand, they hold a special place in the hearts of tattoo lovers. The biomechanical tattoo looks great when inked on hands, feet, and ribs but looks gorgeous when done on forearms and full sleeve, with the curves not focusing on overall design.

12. Angel Tattoo on Arm

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No matter what you believe, the wings and the angel represent something deeper. Angel tattoos represent everything from suffering to pain, and from negativity to positivity.

Next time, when you search for the best arm tattoo ideas for men, check out the latest angel tattoo that holds a deeper meaning and stands out from the crowd.

13. The Celtic Endless Knot on Forearm

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This amazing design does not have an end. The Celtic endless Knot represents long and happy life and the cycle of birth and death.

14. Horseshoe On Forearm

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Horseshoe is recognized as a good luck token. The iron of a horseshoe is often known to protect people from evil spirits. If you are looking for something unique and attractive to get inked on the forearm, take suggestions for horseshoe and its variations.

15. Abstract Tattoo

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Are you confused which tattoo will look good on your well-toned arms after looking at so many arm tattoo designs and symbols? If so, how about inking an abstract design? Many people get abstract design inked because they haven’t decided which tattoo they want to have. Abstract designs look beautiful, unique and impressive.

We have put together an outstanding collection of best forearm tattoos for men. From body art on triceps to wrist, each tattoo design will pump you with innovative ideas. You can also check out other best tattoo designs to get inked this year.

Do you have any other amazing arm tattoo ideas for men? Share with us.


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