10 Best Tattoos You Should Try in 2018

You can’t disagree that tattoos now have become one of the fashionable accessories to adorn over your body.

6 years ago
10 Best Tattoos You Should Try in 2018

Tattoos are one of a kind fashion which is inked on one’s body to express love, showcase bond or to exhibit religious belief. Tattoo lovers often say that tattoo is an emotional, physical, and a spiritual memento that remains permanent at every level.  While tattoos seem to be shallow and a temporary trend, they are far more than just a shape or symbol.

So, if you are crazy about tattoos and searching for some exclusive tattoo designs to try next year (2018), then you must stick to the end for; here we have compiled an awesome collection of tattoo designs for you.

1. Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo

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You are aware that how butterfly makes its way out of its cocoon. The butterfly represents rebirth and beauty. Initially, it comes as plain and looks like the ugliest creature but leaves the cocoon as the vibrant and colorful creature. Chinese believes that two butterflies together shared the strong bond and stand for love.

2. Glyphs

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Just like any other religious belief and symbols, glyphs also hold an important significance in Greek. These tiny tattoos are very powerful and embrace the meaning of ‘explore’. The symbol is a reminder that throughout the different stages and struggles faced in a journey, you should never stop exploring.

3. Different Phases of Moon

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Different phases of moon explain how life is changing. These different phases actually explain how life can never be the same. It goes in the circle and then there comes karma. It all explains how life is uncertain and one has to struggle through rough times to shine.

4. Breathtaking Roses

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Rose is a sign of love; moreover, it is a prominent choice for tattoo lovers too. Roses signify beauty, strength, and passion. Different color of roses depicts certain things like the white rose is for peace and innocence, red stands for love, black signify loss or death.

5. Musical Tattoo Designs

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If you are the music lover, express your love for music by getting a musical tattoo done on your body. Add music symbols, instruments, and notes on your arms or wrist. The musical tattoo is the best and most loved tattoo design by teens. So if you are seeking for the one to get inked in 2018, this might be your choice.

6. Stars

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Little wonders of the cosmos, stars do look gorgeous in the sky. And when it comes to the tattoo, some people do relate stars with hope, spirit, and truth. Stars emit light in the darkness, this means they guide you through rough and unknown paths. Stars possess all the traits and qualities everyone wishes to have, thus tattoo lovers ink stars mainly on their wrist and neckline.

7. Astonishing Dragonflies

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Dragonflies are tiny creatures and pleasing tattoos, often symbolized for purity, harmony, good luck and strength. Dragonflies do have a short lifespan and it is quite amazing, how much they attain it to the fullest. Dragonflies live their life to the fullest, and there’s so much to learn from it.

8. Heart Tattoo

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The heart symbolizes love and feelings for someone special, tattoo lovers often ink heart with the name of lover, child or parent on it. Well, there’s a saying ‘everything is fair in love and war’ but when it comes to embracing something permanent being emotional and spontaneous is not a wise decision. Think before you get inked. Start your 2018 by expressing your love for your parents in the form of heart tattoo. What say?

9. ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera’

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This Latin phrase means – ‘through difficulties to the stars’. It looks amazing when inked in two parts.

10. Malin Symbol

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This Swedish Malin symbol is a true acknowledgment of the fact that life can never be straight, and you have to face setbacks to move forward in life.

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