5 Amazing Ways on How You Can Create a Wind Chime at Home

Do you want to make a wind chime at home? If so, then look at the ways on how you can make a wind chime with minimum expense.

7 years ago
5 Amazing Ways on How You Can Create a Wind Chime at Home

What comes first in your mind when you want to gift someone on their special day? Wind Chimes? Well, it is the best and the coolest gift that you could gift to people of all ages. 

Wind Chimes create positive energy and prevent you from bad luck. The beautiful and soothing tinkling sound that comes from it refreshes our mind and helps us to rejuvenate. They are usually made from wood and metals and are suspended with tubes and rods. 

You must have seen wind chimes hanging outside the balconies, terraces, and gardens. Wind Chimes can be bought from the market, but you might find them expensive. So, how about creating wind chimes at home? Sounds good? 

Not only wind chimes, but you can also create a toy cycle or toy butterfly at home with minimum expense. Thes DIY activities would make your kids learn how to protect the environment while using recyclable materials.

1. Create a Wind Chime With Pencils

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Have you ever wondered that pencils that you use for writing can also be used for creating a wind chime? 

Take old pencils and a ruler. Make a ruler as a base and dig 7-8 holes in it at an equal distance. Now hang pencils with the help of a thread from it. You are done! Hang this colorful wind chime in your hall or gift it to someone special. 

Tip: Use an unequal size of pencils to make your wind chime look more beautiful. 

2. A Wind Chime With Clay Pendants and Driftwood

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Steps to Create a Wind Chime With Clay Pendants and Driftwood

  1. Pick your pendants and make a hole in them. Use masking tape to drill a perfect hole. Make sure that you drill the hole nicely/smoothly; otherwise, you would alter its shape.  
  2. Take a dried branch and drill the hole in it. Make two holes at the center and others at the ends.
  3. Use the thread to tie the beads and clay. Design the fishing line beautifully because it would be your centerpiece. 
  4. Put one end of the thread through the first hole and the other end through the second hole. 
  5. You are done. Hang this elegant wind chime in your garden and show everyone your creativity.

3. Create a Wind Chime Thorugh Flower Pots

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You must have used flower pots in the garden. But you can also use flower pots to create a wind chime. You don’t have to buy anything from the market, instead, use the things that you have at home. Take clay flowerpots (of any size), acrylic paints, heavy strings, beads, and more.  

Steps to Create a Wind Chime with Flower Pots

  1. Take flower pots and paint their rims with your favorite colors. You can also make leaves and some brilliant designs if you think your art is impressive. 
  2. Put the thread inside the flower pot and add a bead to it. Use different sized beads to make it appear vibrant. 
  3. Hang the flower pot wind chime wherever you want at home. This was not at all expensive projects and could be prepared in an hour. 

4. DIY Wind Chime with Spoons and Other Kitchen Utensils

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What do you do with the old spoons or forks that you have in your kitchen? You throw them. But do you know, these old spoons and forks can be used to create a wind chime? You will require spoons, forks, threads, and other decorative things. 

Steps to Create Wind Chime With Spoons

  1. Select the big fork as a hanger. Bend the tines of the fork with the help of nose pliers. 
  2. Drill the holes in spoons, fork, and other things if you are adding in the wind chime. 
  3. Insert the threads inside the hole and add beads if you want to make it look vibrant and beautiful. 
  4. Tie the threads tightly for extra safety. 
  5. Hang this antique piece in the kitchen and hear the tinkling sound when the wind blows. 

5. Make Mason Jar Wind Chimes

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Mason Jar crafts are popular for several reasons. This DIY activity is a little time consuming, but I am sure you would be happy with the results. What you will need is a mason jar, bottle cutter, fishing line, scissors, and other decorative items. 

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Steps to Create This Incredible Piece of Wind Chime WIth Mason Jar 

  1. Mark the points where you have to cut the mason jar. Now with the help of a bottle cutter, cut the mason jar. 
  2. With the help of sandpaper, smooth the edges of the jar.
  3. Using the drill machine, drill the holes (3-4) in the jar at an equal space to hand beads and charms. 
  4. Add beads and other decorative pieces in the string. 
  5. Drill a hole on the lid of the jar so that you can hang it anywhere you want. 

This mason jar wind chime is a great piece for outdoor decor. Try to make this beautiful piece at home, if you are planning to buy a wing chime from the market. 

Final Words 

Be it an anniversary, birthday, or house warming, wind chimes are the best gift that you can give on any occasion. 

Do you like DIY activities? How many things have you created at home with your kids? How was your experience? Do share your views with us. 


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