Try This Pocket Panel to Decorate Walls and Make Your Home Beautiful

Check this amazing wall decoration for your home and impress your guests with your creativity.

7 years ago
Try This Pocket Panel to Decorate Walls and Make Your Home Beautiful

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful and to be the most peaceful place on the earth. What comes first in your mind when you plan to move to another location or renovate your home?

To choose the best architect and an interior designer to give the best ideas for our home. To select the best location that could suit your lifestyle. Right?

No doubt, choosing the interior designers is a good choice, but how about creating a design and decorating the home? Sounds good. Sometimes the designers charge more and do not give the desired output.

So, if you are renovating your home or planning to buy a new home, try these pocket panel wall decoration theme and make your boring walls exciting.

An Initial Design of Pocket Wall

Source = Stillunfold

This is the initial design of the pocket wall. To keep the walls clean, the pocket panels are designed with holes in it. They are created of hydroponics and have a hole for drainage.

The Concept Behind the Pocket Panel is to Save Space

Source = Stillunfold

What’s amazing is, when it rains, this pocket panel turned into beautiful vases. It is a great alternative to plants that you grow in-home at a different place. It is eco-friendly plus saves space as plants grow in pockets. The concept behind the pocket panel is to save space as much as possible. The next time if you don’t find any space to grow plants, try these pocket panel walls.

Pocket Panel is Designed for Berries, Vegetables, and Herbs

Source = Gardenista

The pocket panel walls are great for growing vegetables, herbs, and berries. Grow your favorite herbs in this pocket panel, and share this amazing idea with your friends. It is not only an idea to make your home look beautiful, but also to make your work easier. The next time you need any vegetable or herb to include in the meal, take it from the pocket panel that you have designed at your home.

Wow! That’s amazing.

Pocket Doors: Another Great Design to Decorate Doors of the Home

Source = Leaderdoors

You have read about pocket panels, now know about the pocket doors. Pocket doors is a sliding door that disappears when fully open. It is a sliding door that consists of a door mounted on rollers to slide along an overhead track.

Single and double pocket doors are used, depending on how wide entry is required. Some homeowners choose pocket doors because they like this style; others have no extra space to add another door.

If you want pocket doors to install in your home, make sure that you decide during the remodeling of the project. It is difficult to design pocket doors later. Interior pocket doors solve many problems, but also comes with challenges.

Let us now look at the pros and cons of pocket doors.

Pros of Pocket Doors in a Project

1. Use Less Space

The best benefit of using a pocket door is that it uses less space. The pocket door slides into the compartment wall, thus saves that extra space that is required by the door that swings out. Therefore, pocket doors are best to use when you have a small space.

2. Privacy When Needed

Earlier, private doors were installed in the dining area. The door remained open in the daytime and closed when the dinner was served for privacy during the party. The same can be tried today. Keep the doors open when needed and closed when you need privacy. In short, private doors connect the two rooms. Set up a living room and office at your home.

3. Affordable and Make a Design Statement

Source = Thepocketdoorcompany

Pocket doors are affordable than conventional doors. It comes in different sizes and is long-lasting. It has a sleek design and easily gets mixed with the aesthetics of the space. Homeowners can create something unique with the vibrant color and nude shades available for the pocket doors.

Cons of Pocket Doors in a Project

1. Tricky to Install

Although pocket doors are a great option to install in a home, they are difficult to install. The doors required professionals for installation to operate properly. Therefore, pocket doors cannot be considered a DIY project.

2. Less Reliable

Pocket Doors make a style statement; at the same time, they are less reliable. If you have kids in your home who might be hard or rough at the door, the pocket doors can fall off their tracks and become impossible to use. They need occasional oiling and regular cleaning for smooth functioning.

A Piece of Advice if You are Planning to Go for Pocket Door

If you have decided to choose pocket doors for your home, make sure that you choose the quality door with a solid frame. Don’t think to save money because it will be noticed every time you will close or open the door. Also, choose the best architect or contractor to install the pocket door.

A pocket door is not a conventional door; it needs care and good material to operate properly.

Final Words

If you are looking to refurbish your home, consider the best use of space and the most amazing design elements. Pocket Door is a great alternative to conventional doors and is used when a home is small.

Will you try this pocket panel decoration theme and pocket doors for your home? Do you have any other idea about how you can decorate your home? If yes, then share your views below.


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