You Won’t Believe These 5 Things are Made From Plastic Bottles!

See how many things you could create from the waste plastic bottles. These things don’t take time and would also make your home beautiful.

7 years ago
You Won’t Believe These 5 Things are Made From Plastic Bottles!

What do you do with the plastic bottles you have at your home? You throw them! But do you know the plastic bottles that you throw in the dustbin are majorly responsible for animals’ lives and also for global warming? Some people also reuse plastic bottles, but this causes illness and collects bacteria over time. 

Plastic contamination is a serious issue. Several oceans are found to be flooded with plastic wastes that are then eaten by aquatic animals. Humans then consume fish and other seafood and suffer from severe diseases. But have you ever wondered- how could you reduce the usage of plastic bottles or could create something useful from it? 

Everyone is trying to reduce plastic usage in any way. Recently, Thailand banned the usage of single plastic. People there started using alternatives to plastic bags. A few months back, two young scientists developed bacteria that transform plastic into useable compounds. So, it is clear that plastic is harmful to everyone, be it an animal or a human. And reducing the use of plastic is the only solution to save the earth. 

And, if you also have plastic bottles at home but do not know what to make out of them, here are a few amazing things that you could create from the waste plastic bottles. 

1. Plates and Spoon Stand

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This plate and spoon stand saves space and could be carried anywhere. It is lightweight and could be cut in different sizes. 

This amazing plate and spoon stand could decorate your dining table. The only thing you have to do is to cut the bottle cleanly. You could also paint the bottle with your favorite colors and could add other accessories. 

2. Vertical Hanging Garden

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Plastic bottles are a great way to make a vertical garden. You have to join together several plastic bottles against the wall. Choose the bottles that are durable and thick. 

You could use soft drink bottles to make a vertical hanging garden. Keep the bottle horizontally on the table and cut the upper part of it. Now add the soil and other things required to grow a plant. Do this with other bottles and string them together. You are done! 

3. Jewelry Stand

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Jewelry boxes come expensive. But this jewelry box made from a plastic bottle is cheap and also doesn’t take much time. 

Take 3-4 plastic bottles and cut the lower part of them. Now with the help of a machine, make a small hole (at the center) inside every cup. Attach the cups with a metallic rod and see your plastic bottle turning into an amazing jewelry organizer. 

4. Snack Bowls

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This is the most creative thing you could make from the plastic bottles. Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle. Now iron it to smoothen the curves. You are done! 

You could make it fancier by coloring it or by pasting stars and different shapes to its outer part. 

5. Bangles

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Clean the plastic bottle and cut it in the desired shape (circle or square) to make bangles of different sizes. Paint it or stick the beads on. If the edges of the bottles are rough, then iron it or use an emery board to make it smooth. 

You could also wrap fabric scraps to make it beautiful. This is an amazing gift that you could gift your mom on her birthday. 

Watch the below video and see other things that you could create from the bottles at home: 

Source: romanursuhack

Final Words

Plastic bottles are a very common thing that you could get in every home. But have you ever thought that you could use these bottles for day to day activity? If you find DIY activities interesting, then try to make a cute monster from a plastic bottle or a broom with the old bottles and save money. 

Would you try these amazing activities at home and inspire individuals to create beautiful things from plastic bottles? Yes? Great! Do you have other craft ideas that you would use to make from a plastic bottle? If so, then drop your comments below.


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