14 Winter Scarves Designs That You Would Wish to Have in Your Closet

A scarf is a piece of cloth worn around the neck and makes a fashion statement. It looks gorgeous when paired with a Camilla dress and other designs.

3 years ago
14 Winter Scarves Designs That You Would Wish to Have in Your Closet

Over the years, we have seen drastic changes in the styling game. Earlier, people used to wear clothes that were designed with fur, leaves, and grasses. The knowledge of clothes remained inferential in history. However, the style got upgraded, and everything like a scarf and heels turned into a fashion accessory. 

A scarf is a simple form of dressing that can be worn over shoulders and head sometimes. Sometimes people also wear scarves for different purposes. While some wear it for religious concepts, others use it as a fashion trend. 

It is not necessary to pair up a scarf in winters but is a styling accessory that could be worn with any attire to level up the fashion game. Winter scarves are now available in myriads of designs and texture and look appealing when styled with jeans and other dresses.

If you also want to be a part of the winter scarf stylish trend, then here is a quick compilation of types of winter scarves that would make you look elegant and gorgeous. 

Why Should You Wear a Scarf?

Scarves could save your skin from sunlight when you step outside your house. Also, wearing a scarf around your shoulders not only looks stylish but could also protect your skin from tanning. It also protects your hair from damage when the weather is dusty. 

When the wind is blowing, wrap your scarf around the neck, and you are good to go anywhere. Scarves designs can be based on material, price, and length. 

Types of Winter Scarves and Their Styling Tips

1. Cotton Scarves

Source = Myntassets

These scarves are the most versatile and comfortable of all scarves. When paired with jeans, a skirt, or any dress, these scarves add elegance and comfort to your dressing style. They are affordable, comfy, and the preferred choice of women and men. 

Cotton scarves come in several shades and designs and look beautiful, regardless of the season. They are lightweight and are appropriate accessories to wear in the summer season. 

2. Traditional Scarf

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Traditional scarves come rectangular and are the best friend of everyone in the winter season. They are made up of warm fabrics like cashmere and mohair. Sometimes, their length can vary from 50-70 inches in length. 

It looks well with cold weather attires like pea coats, bomber jackets, and other types of coats. Ensure that you do not pair it with colors that are already present in your outfit. 

3. Blanket Scarf

Source = Onecms

As the name suggests, these oversized blanket scarves are a combination of blanket and scarf. They are designed with cozy fabrics and keep you warm in winter. Blanket scarves are so big that you can wrap them around your shoulders like a coat. Furthermore, you can also transform it into a cardigan and can double it as an infinity scarf. 

If you ever wish to style blanket surf, then ensure that you pair it with riding boots, sweaters, and jeans. Wearing it with a leather jacket could also do wonders for your styling game. 

4. Pashmina Scarf

Source = Shawltoshawls

Originally from Persia, this winter scarf is traditionally made from cashmere wool. Now, these scarves can be made from different fabrics and fiber. They are lightweight and can range in size from 50 to 80 inches. 

A Pashmina scarf looks perfect when paired with a tee shirt. They can also be draped over shoulders for any event or get-together. Pashmina scarf is soft, carries a label, and is a hypoallergenic fiber, which does not cause allergy. 

Check its transparency to know whether Pashmina is real or not. If it is transparent, then it is not a real Pashmina because it does not transmit light. Also, the original Pashmina gives a burnt smell if it is original.

5. Silk Scarf

Source = Freywille

This is one of the most beautiful winter scarves that gives a retro look and features lightweight, elaborate patterns. They are lightweight and look luxurious when worn with black trousers, pumps, and sweaters. It can measure up to 25 to 35 inches long and comes in common shapes and designs. 

Choose any multi-color scarf, which is soft and thin, and pair it with any modern outfit. If you want to go stylish, then go with a silk scarf and elevate your look.

6. Soccer scarf

Source = Diehardscarves

Soccer scarves are the latest trending scarves that take the men’s fashion game by the storm. They are long and feature fringed edges and also include club crests and bold stripes. 

If you are a die-hard fan of sports, then you would be happy to know that soccer scarves are making a trend. Pair this with a bomber jacket or puffer jacket, and add a beautiful look to your attire. 

7. Chiffon Scarf

Source = Jdmagicbox

The chiffon scarf is lightweight, thin, and looks elegant without any bulk. To make it look more appealing and elegant, add trims like lace at the short ends or on the four sides. You can also wear this chiffon scarf as a floppy bow, headband, bun scrunchie, and scarf choker. 

8. Net Scarf

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Net is an ideal fabric to make scarves. Select a fine and smooth fabric like tulle and not synthetic nets. 

Tulle is a net fabric made by the tricot method of construction. They are lightweight nettings with finer yarns and small holes. 

Add fancy accessories like sequence, chains, or laces to the edges to make it more appealing and elegant. The net fabric can be made of rayon, acetate, or rayon. Net is used in designing bodysuits, stockings, and other types of dresses. Other kinds of net used are Bobbinet, Maline, Russian netting, Industrial, and English net. 

9. Velvet Scarf

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Velvet Scarf is another winter scarf type that is an ideal choice to wear at any party. It looks shiny, heavy, and royal on any attire. These scarves are available in online stores and come in a range of textures and designs. 

10. Chiffon scarf with floral prints

Source = Junaroad

It is one of the easiest styles to carry. You can find chiffon scarves in different patterns with floral designs at any clothing store. A Black and white scarf complements any outfit and looks royal forever. Wear this scarf with black leather pants and ankle boots to create a stylish look. 

11. Plaid Scarf

Source = Differenta

This is another scarf design that complements several outfits.  It is a type of woolen fabric with a tartan-chequered pattern and is a great scarf to wear in winter. Wear it with a cardigan and complete the outfit with black boots. 

Plaid scarves are not only the winter choice but can also be worn in summers to create a fashion statement. Plaid scarves never go out of style and are the perfect choice for date nights. A plaid scarf, when paired with black leather, looks classic and smart. 

12. Bandana Scarf

Source = Lookastic

A kerchief, better known as Bandana, is a square piece of printed cloth tied around the head or neck for decorative purposes. The popularity of Bandana Scarf may vary based on culture and religion. 

It originates from the Indian subcontinent and is considered to be a hat by some people. The silk-style Bandana scarves are made of the finest quality yarns. It is small to cover a full face but can be worn around the neck in different ways. 

13. Scarf with Contrast Borders

Source = Sewguide

You can decorate your scarf in several ways. Be it cotton or a chiffon scarf, decorate it with a contrasting fabric stitched on borders for a mesmerizing effect. This kind of winter scarf can be paired with any ethnic or casual wear to give a royal look. 

14. Scarves With Tassels

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Tassels or pom-poms, when added to the scar, give an interesting look to the attire. These winter scarves are popular in scarf fashion and look good in contrasting colors. Besides plain scarves, you can also find tassels on animal print scarves in different patterns. 

Are you the one who wears a scarf as a signature style? Winter scarves are available in cotton, cashmere, and other materials. Which of the above winter scarf designs do you like the most?  Other than scarves, what are the other accessories that you pair up in winter? Share your views below. 


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