20 Cheap Date Night Ideas to Impress Your Partner Without Shelling Out Big Bucks

Try these cheap date night ideas that don't burn a hole in your pocket and look romantically impressive.

3 years ago
20 Cheap Date Night Ideas to Impress Your Partner Without Shelling Out Big Bucks

Be it a man or a woman: everyone wants to impress and spend quality time with their partner. Whether you are planning a date or celebrating your D-day, it needs to be special. Date nights are important and should be memorable forever. Even if you don’t have anything, going for dinner and a movie sounds romantic. 

But sometimes, these plans cost you over $80-100. Also, you’re probably wrong if you think that something could be creative, only if it is expensive because date night can be planned under a budget without burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t believe us? We have compiled a few cheap date night ideas that are romantically cute and perfect for every couple.

1. Window Shopping

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Want to spend time with your love but not interested in shopping? Don’t worry! Window shopping is also a great idea to spend time with love. While you are shopping, have some coffee or go for a walk. Don’t plan what you will buy with money, hold hands, and enjoy. 

If you want to save more, then go out for window shopping after you have your lunch or dinner. 

2. Go for a Breakfast

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Dinner or lunch could cost you more in comparison to breakfast. Breakfast is an important meal and becomes special when you have it with the most lovable person in your life. So, if you are planning to meet with your favorite person, then plan it for breakfast so that you have a happy day ahead. 

3. Have Dinner at Home

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You don’t have to go to a restaurant on a beautiful date night. A pleasant atmosphere, good music, and a favorite person are enough to make your day. If you are a good cook, then why not try your hands at making a dish that is loved by both. 

4. Write Love Letters

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Whether you are in a relationship for over ten years or proposed a day before, writing love letters are a cute sign of love. It is also a great and a perfect cheap date night idea if you still believe in 80’s love. When you fail to say what’s in your heart, write a letter to them and show your love. Writing those emotions what you feel could be the best dating idea to share. 

5. Game Night with Friends

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It is not necessary to have a date with your special one. Date nights can be with friends. Host a party and invite your friends for a night out. Play games and ask everyone to share their secrets. You can play truth and dare or drinking games that are fun to play to know your partner better. Don’t you think this is the best yet the cheapest date night idea?

6. Listen to Your Favorite Songs and Dance

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This is one of the cheapest date night ideas when you want to spend quality time with your bae. Make a playlist and listen to your favorite songs. Hold hands, dance romantically in dim light, and have fun. 

7. Take a Walk or Maintain a Garden at Home

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If you live near a park or garden, then taking a walk with your partner could be the best time to cherish forever. Also, gardening can help you come closer. Sometimes, spending time with your partner could be a goal when you haven’t spent enough time together. 

There can be plenty of ways to spend time with your spouse, and taking a walk could be a great idea. Spend time maintaining plants and flowers in your house. A beautiful garden at home could be a beautiful and enjoyable space to live in. 

Create your beautiful space and make it appealing by adding beautiful features like a sitting area, amazing water features, and more. Gardening is also linked to stress. If you feel stressed at home, then gardening could be the perfect way to reduce stress. 

8. Read a Book

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If you are a die-hearted reader, then set a time and sit down with a glass of wine and read books together. Discuss your thoughts about what you like or dislike or what you find inspiring in the story. 

Reading a book not only strengthens your brain but also alleviates depression. Every time you read, you learn about several new things. As a non-native speaker, you gain exposure to a new language and several words in the context. 

9. Visit an Animal Shelter

Do something worth your time. Be it an animal or scenery, we all love natural things. Every time you give your time to someone, happiness comes from within. The fun of being friends with an animal gives you pleasure and makes you happy. 

If you both love a pet, then how about adopting a four-legged friend? Spending quality time with pets could also be a great date idea. Alternatively, you can visit an animal shelter weekly and meet different species in one place. You can also celebrate your special day while spending time with cute little pets. 

10. Relax in a Jacuzzi

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Relaxing with music and aromatherapy relaxes you to the core. Reconnect with your family in a hot tub and relieve stress. Relaxing in a jacuzzi once in a month refreshes you and distressed you. 

You can also host a tub party with friends and neighbors. Invite your friends, play music, and enjoy appetizers. Believe it or not, you can also play several games in a hot tub. Playing together is also an excellent way to revamp a bond with the family. 

11. Meditate

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Reciting positive affirmations is necessary when you are in a relationship. Focus on your mind, goals, and mediate in the royal spa. Sometimes it is good to turn off the tv and to embrace silence. Let your mind be free and relax. The warm water and soothing weather help you relax and prepare you for the day. 

12. Try New Restaurant

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If you and your partner are a food lover, then what could be better than hanging out at a new restaurant every weekend? Check out new restaurants whenever you plan for a date and pick innovative and special dishes of the place. Alternatively, you can also go for street foods, if you prefer a cheap but memorable date. 

13. Go to the Beach

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Plan a date for the afternoon and hit a beach nearby. Avoid peak times when the accommodation rates in hotels are also high. Affordable prices are not the only choice to go to the beach; instead, good weather is also liked by everyone. Location is everything when you are planning for a beach. Here are beautiful beaches that you can plan for a beach date. 

14. Learn a New Skill

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You don’t need several fancy types of equipment to learn something new. Learn a new language together, invest time in your hobby, and do activities that make you happy. Learn about each other's likes and dislikes. Learning a new skill would make you happy, and at the same time, lets you spend quality time together. 

15. Cook Dinner and Invite Friends at Home

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If you don’t prefer going out to a restaurant for dinner, why not try something at home? Light some candles, turn on music & prepare a fancy dish. It could be the cheapest date night idea if you prefer spending time at home. Alternatively, you can also invite your friends for a dinner party and could order something from the restaurant. 

16. Watch Your Favorite Film Shows or Make Your Film Fest

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How about making your TV time special by holding hands and cuddling your partner while watching your favorite Netflix series? Sounds romantic? Cue up your favorite childhood memories and share each other’s history. Watch romantic classics and up the mood. 

17. Exercise Together

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It is believed that couples who sweat together stay together for long. Download different workout apps or go for an at-home workout on YouTube to enhance your immunity in a new way. Motivating each other creates a positive bond and encourages you to do more. 

It increases your emotional bond and lets you realize the importance of physical activity in a relationship. However, you could go wrong when you are exercising together. Wondering how? Going on a run together is a great idea, but your fitness levels could differ, and the results might vary.

18. Try At-Home Beer or Wine Tasting

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When you can’t get your favorite wine or brewery, plan for a tasting session at home. Get some bottles you both wanted to try and enjoy this cheapest date. Portion them in different glass and write your reviews. Wine tasting should not be different. Pick a theme and prepare your beers. 

Create a proper atmosphere, make different rooms dedicated to different breweries. Organize beers from dark to light. Start from the refreshing beers and move forward. If your budget allows, then host a home-beer tasting event and invite your friends. Do give them a paper and pen to take note of its flavor and appearance. 

19. Make Your Photobooth

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Pictures create memories. So there’s no better way of making memories than creating your photo booth. Squeezing in a photo session at home with your favorite person could be the best and the cheapest date ever. 

Print out props, get costumes & click pictures with funky flares. Get creative with a backdrop and get plenty of props to make your space creative. You can also check on how to create a DIY photo booth on the internet for some great ideas. 

20. Watch Someone’s Pet or Child

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For couples who don't have kids or pets, watching someone's pet or kids for a day could be the best bonding activity. Ask your siblings or neighbors with whom you can borrow their pet and have fun for a day. Becoming a parent for a day could be a learning experience. As a fact, it could be the best experience to escalate yourself as a parent. 

Final Words

Fancy dinners and traveling could cost you more when you are trying to know someone. But you can’t go wrong when you are wooing your partner. Plan something creative, most importantly, out of the box when you are planning a date. 

Do you know other cheap date ideas that are romantic and could make your partner love you more? Have you ever tried these ideas? How was your experience - did your partner like it or not? Share your views. 


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