10 Easy Ways To Remove Gum From Clothes

You love eating different flavored and elastic-plastic chewing gums. And you may even love forming bubbles and popping it by blo...

3 years ago
10 Easy Ways To Remove Gum From Clothes

You love eating different flavored and elastic-plastic chewing gums. And you may even love forming bubbles and popping it by blowing air into the bubble gum. But don’t you hate it when the sticky gum gets on your clothes? And it just gets worse when you don’t know how to get rid of it!

Fret not, as there are many practical tips and tricks which actually work. Try any of these nifty ways to remove gum from your favorite jeans, t-shirt and other clothes.

1) Freeze The Gum

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Freezing the chewing gum is one of the nifty tricks for removing chewing gum from a delicate cloth or fabric. First, you’ve to wrap and seal the gum in a plastic polythene or bag. Then, you’ve to keep it inside the freezer for a few hours and allow it to freeze. As soon as the fabric gets cold, use a blunt knife (to avoid cutting the fabric) and scrape the solidified gum quickly before it thaws out.

2) Rub The Gum With Toothbrush Dipped In Vinegar

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For removing chewing gum from clothes, heat a cup of vinegar in microwave and dip the toothbrush in it. In order to remove chewing gum, rub the toothbrush over the area where it is clung. Now wash the cloth to get rid of the vinegar smell.

3) Soak Cloth In Lemon Juice

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Lemon juice is a great home remedy to to remove chewing gum from clothes. It does no harm to fabric and is also a cost-effective way. Drench the cloth in lemon juice and then scrape the gum off using a flat-edged tool. Also, it is recommended to wash the garment right after applying the lemon juice.

4) Spread Peanut Butter Over The Gum

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Take peanut butter and spread it over the area where gum is stuck. When the gum becomes softer, scrub and wash it off. As peanut butter is an oily substance and may leave stains, keep a liquid stain remover handy.

5) Iron The Affected Area

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Keep the fabric or garment over a cardboard such that the gum is between the fabric and the cardboard. Then iron the affected areas. This should transfer the gum from fabric onto the cardboard. Repeat the process until almost all of the gum is transferred and then wash the fabric.

6) Press Duct Tape Over Gum

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Take a strip of duct tape, press it firmly on the gum and then peel off the taped area. You’ll notice that gum starts coming on tape. Repeat until all the gum is removed.

7) Apply Mayonnaise

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It’s always a good idea to use mayonnaise for removing gum from not just clothes but also hair and shoes. Just take some mayonnaise, apply it over the area where gum is stuck and then smoothly remove the gum residue with your fingers or a comb.

8) Dip Fabric Into Hot Coconut Oil & Rub It

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Coconut oil can be used for removing the chewing gum from clothes. Heat the oil, dip the fabric with gum into the heated oil. Then rub the cloth so that gum dissolves. After that, wash & air-dry the cloth.

9) Use Hair Spray

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Spray some amount of hairspray over the gum. As the gum hardens, remove the gum immediately. The hardened gum would break off. Repeat until all of the gum is removed and wash the fabric then.

10) Cover The Area With Liquid Laundry Soap

Cover the gum-affected area in liquid laundry soap. Then use toothbrush to break the gum. Now scrape the gum gently with blunt knife. Scratch the remaining chewing gum with fingernail and launder the fabric.


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