10 Signs That Tell Good Things Are Going to Happen to You

“Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.” 

7 years ago
10 Signs That Tell Good Things Are Going to Happen to You
“Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.” 

This is a quote that will always inspire you to stay positive and look at things from another perspective when things don’t go in your favor. But you know what, the worst things in life often lead to better things. 

And time and again, we keep fretting about all the chaos and problems we’re going through rather than noticing the signs (sometimes hard to understand) which hint at the impending change.

Here are 10 subtle signs that tell good things are going to happen to you.

1. You Begin to Acknowledge What Doesn’t Matter

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Quite lately, you’re becoming more discerning of what you don’t want or don’t like. You realize how some of your friends exhaust you and that your work habits are terrible. You may feel like you’re panicking like anything and heading toward a catastrophe, but you’re actually clearing your head about what you don’t want and what’s been bothering you.

2. You’re Not Isolating Yourself & are Opening Up Your Heart All Over Again

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If you have been indulging yourself in heart-to-heart talk or are right now just thinking that you should be doing so, then you’re going the right way.

3. You Feel Unpredictably Poignant

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You’re not holding back anymore and are just letting it all out. You’ve begun to feel things again and are able to handle all the feelings you have in a practical manner.

4. All Those Adages Seem Meaningful

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Now you’re getting to understand why hard work is so important, how positivity is a matter of choice, and why being in the moment is the thing to do. You’re also realizing that life is what you make it, and love will come to you if you selflessly give it and are ready to receive it with open arms.

5. You’re Becoming Hyper Self-Aware

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You have ultimately reached a healthy and stable situation in which you completely accept your own positives and negatives without any self-doubts, denial, or exaggeration.

6. You Feel More Centered and Your Life Reflects Who You Are

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Sometime in your life before, you wished to become supremely successful or really beautiful or something else. The change you always desired now surrounds you and you feel more like yourself and not what you wanted to be.

7. You’re Feeling ‘Lost’ But in a Good Way

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You’re freeing yourself from the old ideas and beliefs about how your life should turn out or what the future should be like.

8. You’ve Embraced Uncertainty

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You have made peace with uncertainty and do not fear it anymore. And no more feel do you feel hesitant about what will happen next realizing that some things in life are just inevitable.

9. You’ve Begun to Realize That Your Reaction to a Problem is What Makes All the Difference

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People have a tendency to talk about their own problems and divert from their own flaws. But it’s your responsibility to change as it is affecting you, regardless of whether it was your fault or not.

10. You Understand That It’s Time to Make Things Happen

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Rather than complaining that you hate your job or don’t have love in life, you regulate your emotions, focus on working more efficiently. You realize that you want more from life and need to make a real amount of effort to make it happen.

Stay Positive & Hope for the Best!


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