How to Stay Positive and Seize the Day

We, humans, are innately anxious beings prone to negativity, overthinking, and worrisome thoughts about the future and other stuff. Du...

7 years ago
How to Stay Positive and Seize the Day

We humans are innately anxious beings prone to negativity, over thinking and worrisome thoughts about future and other stuff. Due to all of this, the stress in us sometimes shoots up to a considerable level causing depression at times. 

Psychotherapists are there to help us get out of it. But does that mean we let ourselves be trapped in such state and be a victim of the circumstances? No, we just can’t afford that! So it’s rather essential to keep a positive outlook on life as all of us go through some kind of hardship or sorrow at some point in our lives.

We can make our lives merrier and more meaningful by adopting a healthier lifestyle, right attitude and letting go of needless broodings. And here’s how to stay positive and seize every single day!

1. Meditate. Exercise Regularly. Eat Well.

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You’ve heard this cliched piece of advice more than a hundred times, that’s only because it’s the most important of all! Meditation is practicing mindfulness. It has a direct connection with the focus and commitment we have toward our life goals. It keeps us on track and we create a positive influence on the people in our life. 

What you eat is what you become. But naturally, our mind, body and soul will function effortlessly if we follow a healthy diet regime. And this, in turn, motivates us to take up other healthy habits that are indeed good for our well-being. Without a doubt, regular exercise and adequate rest add to our efficiency and fitness.

2. Express Gratitude More Often

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When you’re going through a tumultuous phase in life, feel grateful for all that you still have and voice those blessings. Incorporate gratitude into every area of your life and see the positive change it brings in your outlook toward work, personal life and other aspects.

3. Read to Feed Your Brain With Inspiration & Positive Thoughts

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Reading not only boosts your knowledge but also gives you positivity, inspiration and motivation to bring ideas into action. Feed your brain by reading such material helps in fighting off stress, depression, and dementia and arouses powerful feelings of love and care.

4. Choose to Volunteer Rather Than Simply Donating Money

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Donating money to nonprofit organizations only helps those in need at monetary level but volunteering proves to be more beneficial for individual’s physical and mental well-being. According to a research conducted by United Health Group in 2013, 94% of people experienced that volunteering improved their mood and 76% said it made them feel healthier. 

Another study published in the June 2013 issue of ‘Psychology and Aging’ finds that those who volunteered at least 200 hours over 1-year period had lesser chances of developing hypertension than those who didn’t volunteer at all.

5. Accept Your Flaws & Love Yourself Unconditionally

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When you love yourself for who you are, you inevitably attract positivity in your life. Everything you plan or do becomes more value-driven and you feel more worthy. All your quirks and unique character traits define the real you. Allowing love, appreciation and good things in life makes you feel better about yourself.


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