12 Places Where Selfies & Selfie Sticks are Not Allowed

Whenever you plan a trip, all you think of the places with pretty backgrounds so that you can get amazing DPs for your Facebook profile. But do you know there are places where taking a selfie can get you into serious trouble? No? Have a look!

5 years ago
12 Places Where Selfies & Selfie Sticks are Not Allowed

It is common to see numerous ordinary things which are acceptable in one country but illegal in another. But have you ever thought that taking pictures can also be a crime in some places? Hard to believe, but true! There are many places out globally where taking selfie has been banned.

Well, we all knew that taking selfies was a little bit cringe-worthy, but we never know it’s been this dangerous that they are banned from several places. And not only they are banned but, the violation of the rule can also land you in jail or impose an outrageous fine, each place around the world is dealing with selfies differently.

So, scroll down and have a look at the list of places where taking a selfie can get you into serious trouble.

1. Pamplona, Spain

Source = Sampere

Not in entire Pamplona, Northern Spain, but during the fiestas of San Fermin where they have a bull run every year in July, officials have banned taking selfies. Well, the reason behind it is very much clear, and that is to save the lives of people. Yes, as the bulls are very fast and strong, and in this traditional bull run, women and men run ahead of the bulls to display their agility and strength.

So, taking a selfie will require you to stop and click a picture during this festival, and this gesture puts the life of the photographer as well as some others around him at risk. Therefore taking selfies there are banned, and also offenders need to incur a fine of up to €3000. And, apart from fine, it would be a rather suicidal thing to do. Isn’t it?

2. Garoupe, France

Source = Mirror

Whenever it comes to the best and most pristine beaches in Southern France, Garoupe is the only name comes up. But, some of them have been demarcated as the “No Braggies Zone.” ‘Braggies’ refer to the people who visit the beaches to take selfies and post on their social media accounts to ‘show off’ and No Braggies zone means selfies are banned on these beaches.

There is no big issue regarding selfies here but, the ban has been put into place because the beach authorities want people to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the beach and not to spend their most of the time taking selfies to boast about their trips. Stars caught taking pictures by the ‘Holiday Spam Police,’ as they are called, are promptly banned from the beaches. Well, the best thing is the ban is not permanent, and it is imposed only during the holiday season and that too for two weeks in August every year.

3. Disneyland, USA

Source = Disneydreamer

Since July this year, two most beautiful places, Walt Disney World and Disneyland have banned the selfie stick on their premises. California Disneyland is the first one to impose the ban. Well, this is one of the Disneyland secrets.

Initially, the ban was only restricted during rides. However, the authorities have extended the ban to the entire area after repeated complaints from visitors and employees, and have imposed it on all Disney Worlds and Disney parks.

4. The Palace Museum, Beijing

Source = Gbtimes

The most popular and the most crowded tourist attraction in Beijing ‘The Palace Museum,’ also known as the Forbidden City, doesn’t allow selfie stick in the premises. Chinese officials believed that the antiquities displayed at the museum are at risk of getting damaged and therefore banned the use of selfie sticks inside.

They say that people can also get hurt with the sticks, especially in the crowded areas of the museum, so it's better not to use them inside. Well, the ban will be strictly enforced, and the staff is authorized to stop visitors from using this potentially unsafe accessory according to the museum director.

5. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Source = Sacredland

Taking pictures is prohibited at many worship places, but the place of worship in Mecca has banned taking selfies for some other reason. Yes, Islamic authorities noted a growing ‘selfie’ phenomena with the younger generation and perceived it as a self-obsessed behavior or ‘self-worship.’

Some Islamic scholars also considered that many young kids traveled to Mecca only to capture the photographs and to share them online to brag their religious affiliation. Such acts are destroying the tranquility of the mosque and against the foundations of Islam. So, don’t even dare to take out that selfie stick around this place.

6. Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Source = Cloudfront

There is a  beautiful place in California, Lake Tahoe which is very famous for its bear population. From all over the world, people come to see these deadly but cute animals. So, as taking a selfie is another great trend, people try to do it with bears. Therefore, the ‘bear selfie’ is a recent phenomenon that has been put a stop to as it is believed to put the public as well as animals in danger.

Officials from the place mentioned that many cases took place, where people have followed the bears off the tracks only for the sake of pictures and such instances, can be extremely critical as bears aren’t particularly recognized to show mercy when irritated. So, to save the lives of people and to let bears live in peace, this step has been taken.

7. Lion Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

Source = Africageographic

Here we are talking about Lion Park in Johannesburg in South Africa. Yes, it has a Lion Park where anyone can take a walk with the lions, play with them, pet them and also get pictures clicked with them. However, talking selfies are still not allowed. But, why? Well, because to take a selfie, one needs to get their face too close to the lion’s face which is not good for the lion’s comfort; therefore visitors are instructed not to take selfies there.

8. Lollapalooza Music Festival, Chicago

Source = Noiseprn

Lollapalooza Music Festival is the annual summer music festival takes place in Chicago every year around August. Well, use of selfie stick at a music festival is a little shocking. Right! The reason behind this ban is stated that “wands of narcissism” were a distraction from the music. Therefore selfie stick has been added to the official list of banned items which was already filled with skateboards, aerosol cans, and illegal drugs. Moreover, it has become the first major music festival to have forbidden the use of extension arm, selfie sticks, and other such devices.

9. Colosseum, Rome

Source = Prestotours

No doubt that Colosseum is one of the amazing examples of ancient construction. And, the authorities at Colosseum have a very valid reason to ban the selfie sticks in the premises. Yes, they have been banned inside the place because of the sheer physical space one requires to take a selfie. The officials also claimed that the selfie stick is dangerous and acts as a threat to the fragile items on display apart from the space factor.

Must say, fair enough!

10. New York, US

Source = Downtoearth

This is a little different. It’s not about the place but, if you are taking a photo with a lion, tiger or other big cats in New York, you are going to pay for it. Yes, New York has become the first US state to ban the selfie with such animals.

Particularly, the law prevents direct contact within members of the public and big cats at traveling animal shows, fairs, and festivals. People or animal exhibitors who violate this law can face penalties for each violation. It’s obvious that this law has been passed not only to save wild animals but also people who adore these creatures.

11. Mumbai, India

Source = Indianexpress

Selfies have been banned in six hotspots of Mumbai and the most common places among them are the Marine Drive promenade and Girgaum Chowpatty beach. And reason for both of them is safety as people try to take selfies standing at cliffs which are dangerous at the time of high tides. So, pretty obvious right?

12. The Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands

Source = Holland

They have gone a little far. Yes, they not only just banned selfie sticks, but said a big no to all types of photography inside the museum. The authorities of the museum have claimed that people taking selfies or photographs were disturbing those who just wanted to view the paintings in peace; therefore, they took this step.

Final Thoughts

So, we have seen there was always a good reason behind prohibiting selfies, selfie sticks as well as photography from any place mentioned above. Also, it would make the world a better place where people will be more busy enjoying the moment rather than taking pictures for the sake of social media posting. Isn’t it?

Well, what about the places where selfies are allowed? Have a look at how to take better selfies at such places and enjoy taking selfies.

Enjoy Travelling!


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