20 Motivational Quotes To Deal With Hard Times

“Hard times are like a patch of dark cloud, it looks and feel bad but when it goes, it takes all the heat with it, an...

7 years ago
20 Motivational Quotes To Deal With Hard Times
“Hard times are like a patch of dark cloud, it looks and feel bad but when it goes, it takes all the heat with it, and leaves a blissful earthy smell”

So when you are facing tough times just remember that those dark clouds in rainy days don’t come to stay, and neither will these tough times. You have to make sure that you stay positive no matter how dire the situations are, and you will realize that the positivity is the only thing that helped you get through, making you a stronger person than you were ever before.

Talking to someone or seeking help is always an option that will point you towards the answers to your questions, ways through your hurdles and after all, these quotes that you hear all the time are someone’s philosophical advice to someone they care about.

Here are 20 Quotes that will help you get through tough times

1. Most Of The Times The So-Called Problems Evolve From Over thinking

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Sometimes people become helpless against their own over thinking minds that create problems that aren’t even there, so just try to keep yourself busy and you will find there is nothing to worry about.

2. Your Mistakes Are Who You’ll Become & Not Who You Are

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Humans are not perfect and they make mistakes, in fact mistakes are the only way to make evolve. If it weren’t for some mistakes we wouldn’t have fire or wheels.

3. Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do

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This is probably the only thing you need to know about tough times. How often do you recall tough times as compared to happy ones anyway? None , I guess.

4. Worrying About Tough Times Brings Nothing But Misery

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Nothing is the last thing a person would want to do when they have troubles that are keeping them awake at night.


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Make yourself know that you’re in it to win it.

6. Because If You Quit, There Won’t Be Any Second Chances

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Everyday offers a second chance only if you’re willing to take it.

7. As Wise Men Said, Nothing Good Ever Came Easy

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If you want to win a game, you will have to compete.

8. What Happened And Whatever It Is That Is Going To Happen, There Is Reason Behind It

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Everything you go through whether it’s good or bad, its experience and experience is the best teacher there is.

9. To Witness A Beautiful Sunrise You Will Have To Trek Through Tough Trails

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Difficult roads are often more eventful and adventurous.

10. If There Are No Roads In Sight, You Make Your Own Trail

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To your surprise, people will follow you on those trails.

11. Every Strong Person You Will Meet Had A Fragile Past

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Just knowing that you’re a winner within yourself is the only kind of motivation you will ever need.

12. You Have Everything That It Takes To Soar

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Don’t let anybody tell you, how to pursue your mistakes or your problems, because it’s yours and only yours, and you have all the ways to figure it out.

13. Coal Gets Roughed Up To Only Become A Diamond

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Storms to a sea is what your problems is to your life.

14. You’re As Happy As You Think You Are

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Tomorrow is gone, neither it can be changed nor relived. So instead focus on today and be a better self.

15. Be Selfish! Put Yourself First Before Everyone Else

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Pursue things that matter to you and benefits you, don’t think about anyone else and it impacts them.

There is nothing wrong with being selfish every once in awhile, you’re a human after all.

16. What You Think & Feel Often Is What You Attract

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Wise men say, think of only good that is to happen and in the process you will attract more good towards you.

17. Work Hard And You’ll Witness Yourself Picking The Sweet Fruits Of Your Labour

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Work hard and don’t think about the results just yet, because once you’re at the ground zero giving your 100%, you will find yourself in a state of immense happiness for just giving it all and not caring about the rewards, for your hard work will become your fruits of labour.

18. There Will Be Times That Will Make You Think, How Long will It Last? And Before You Even Know You’re Magnificent Butterfly

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The Caterpillar is oblivious of its radical transformation while the world impatiently waits to see, to admire the miracle that emerges from the cocoon.

19. Hard Times Will Always Leave You With A Drive To Make Your Life Better

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Use the energy and anger of WHY ME? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS? In making yourself a better life that you’ll thank your past self for.


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You might not be able to see it just now but good times are just around the corner.


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