9 Financial Questions You Must Discuss With Your Partner

Well, it seems that talking about sex is far easier than talking about the financial compatibility.

6 years ago
9 Financial Questions You Must Discuss With Your Partner

You have booked down the venue, all invitation cards are sent, and cake is ready Congratulations! You are all set to get married. But while you were damn excited to marry your love, but there’s one thing you didn’t have discussed yet and i.e. money talk. In movies, you have seen that love and romance are the only necessary ingredients used to fill the air, but this is the reality you can’t eat love and fulfill your hunger or romance does manage the budget, Can you? Obviously No, it's time to get REAL!

So, if you are damn serious to be with your partner, you should have to talk about money. Ideally, this should be done sooner than later. Don’t worry it’s never too late, with the below guide you can easily ask and discuss the financial question with your significant other.

1. In-depth Look At The Financial Personalities

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While some people are natural saver some are natural spenders. The natural spenders often believe that money can be best enjoyed when experience new goods and services, they basically believe in ‘living in the moment’. Figure out what’s the case between you two. Have an in-depth conversation about investing and spending habits, though negative and positive attracts be sure that you live happily forever.

2. Should We Open A Joint Account For Savings?

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While some couple maintains separate savings account with each adding their respective salary in an account, there are some who believe in opening a joint account for joined expenses. Like if you are going on a trip or buying a TV, AC or any other home accessories, it should be debited from joint savings etc.  There’s nothing wrong in opening both, but it is fairly important to ask on the same before you get married.

3. Talk About The Kids

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Talking about the kids is a more obvious discussion, but when it comes to financial stability and discussion as a couple having one, two or more kids promptly needs a good math. The cost of raising one child can’t get low with expense on toys, clothing, education, and future. Discuss with your partner, how you are going to invest, whether you are capable enough to send kids to private school? Etc. (18.1)

4. Ask About The Health Insurance

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Insurance protects financial situation and poor cases of illness. Ask if anyone of you have health insurance if both possess this insurance that’s well and good; compare who has the better plan. The person with the best plan should consider the other one adding to the policy after getting hitched.

5. How Much Can Each Of Us Spend Without Consulting Other?

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Monthly Groceries, can get go-ahead mentioning later but what about buying a new car? What about the trip with friends? The thoughts will be different for each couple depending upon their salaries and individual comforts on spending and saving. Figure out the mutual agreement line before you get married to reduce the arguments later.

6. Is There Anyone Who Depends On You Financially?

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It’s great that both of you are now independent and love living your life per your rules, but you should never miss asking if there’s anyone completely dependent on you. There are chances that you send your parents a monthly check to help them live. Revealing these kinds of frames unveils the closer picture of your savings and finances. Don’t judge, instead figure out how you can assist more for good into joint budgeting. (18.2)

7. Discuss Your Long-Term Goals

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There are chances that one might want to get retired by the age of 45, one wants to live a luxurious life and to own a BMW. If the two have conflicting goals, there are 100% chances of arguments and troubling life, before you get hitched talk about the vision of your life after a year, 3 years, 10 years and more into the future. By discussing your long-term vision, you will have a complete roadmap how you will drive on your way together.

8. Have A Word About Debt

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Does one or both of you are in debt? If one has student loans and no other debt, you don’t have to worry much as chances are there, the person have good financial habits but if a debt is full on the cards for restaurants, meals, liquor or shopping there’s an important point to discuss over. What are your debts, what is an attitude towards debt, figure out fast?

9. Is There Any Kind Of Investment Or Business Risk You Want To Make?

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One of the basic yet important financial questions you should ask your partner is about the risk and investment involved in the future business plan. Is there any goal do anyone of you want to pursue, how much you are prepared enough to bear the risk, how much money you will be needed, when do you want to launch those venture etc.

While that you both have decided to go far, have these financial questions with your partner to make sure you both travel and walk together through the ups and downs.


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