White Rose Symbolism in History, Valentine’s Day, Weddings & Funerals

White rose personifies the most honest of emotions such as innocence, purity, and spiritual love. Here’s the symbolism and significance of white rose in lores, history, and on different special occasions.

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White Rose Symbolism in History, Valentine’s Day, Weddings & Funerals

The color of a flower has a deep connection with the occasion. And it’s as important to choose the right flower color as it is to choose the right flower. And when it comes to roses, white roses have an amazing grace that no other flower in the world possesses. Also known as bride’s flowers, white roses can make your loved one’s day even more special. Unlike rare roses found around the world, the white rose is a common flower whose charming color and ethereal fragrance never seem to fade with the passing time.

For long, the white rose has invoked feelings of innocence and purity.  A bouquet with just white roses or white roses in combination with other colored roses can be a wonderful and elegant floral arrangement to give and get.

The white roses represent the most honest emotions and add clarity and sincerity to the occasion. They promise positive and hopeful new beginnings. Let’s learn about white rose symbolism in history, lores, weddings, and funerals, and on Valentine’s day.

White Rose Symbolism in Lores

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During the Roman era, the white roses were believed to be associated with Goddess Aphrodite. And they say, that the roses turned red with her blood trickling down on the petals when she pricked herself.

According to Christian religion and beliefs, white roses have a connection with the famous saint Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus) who is also known as the Mystical Rose of Heaven. This emphasized that the white rose is pure and joyous.

The Historical Significance of White Roses

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The white roses were also significant to the War of the Roses that was fought during King Henry VII’s reign in the 15th century in England. The symbol of the House of York (an English branch of the royal House of Plantagenet) was a white rose. It was also used for promising secrecy.

In the Victorian era, floriography or the language of flowers was used as an elegant and subtle code for expressing feelings and emotions that people weren’t willing to vocalize. Apart from roses, herbs, plants, and other flowers were included to convey and add subtle nuances to the message of innocence and purity. Moreover, talking amid white roses indicated a secret and confidential conversation.

Marking a trend, the use of bridal white roses began when Queen Victoria walked down the aisle in 1840, carrying a bouquet of white flowers in hand at her wedding.

In heraldry, the white rose figures are used as an expression of love and faith. In Nazi Germany, a non-violent, intellectual resistance opposition group of students and a professor stood against Hitler and used the name ‘die Weiße Rose’ or the white rose. This was a symbol of the youth and pure intentions of the participants.

What All Does White Rose Signify at Weddings?

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The white rose symbolizes the young and innocent love that a bride-to-be brings along and bestows on her better half. These white roses send the message of loyalty and express worthiness purity and innocence of emotions. White roses also serve as an essential element of decor at weddings.

The white rose also lays emphasis on the foundation of a wedding, the beauty of a newly formed relationship and celebrates the bond being formed for eternity.

What Does Giving a White Rose Bouquet on Valentine’s Day Mean?

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Whether it’s Rose day (7 Feb of every year), Valentine’s day, or any other occasion, a white rose bouquet can be a perfect pick if you wish to make your loved one know that you’re always by their side and have their back regardless of the situation. You can also give a white rose to your mentor, teacher, parents, and grandparents to acknowledge their strong support and faith in you.

White Rose Meaning at Funeral Ceremonies

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Alongside white carnations and chrysanthemums, white roses are the integral and most important part of funeral ceremonies representing hope and purity. The white color is considered holy and the white roses promise a heavenly abode.

At such a sad phase of life, the flowers instill hope for the grieving family and condole them in letting go of the feeling. At the funerals, a white rose can be given in the form of a single bud or bouquet. Other widely accepted white rose floral arrangements include wreaths, crosses, and centerpieces.

This Rose Day, make fresh new beginnings full of positivity by giving someone a beautiful white rose.


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