Here’s a Sneak Peak of 230+ New Emojis To Be Released in 2019

230+ emojis for 2019 are all set to release on major platforms. The new addition of emojis will have prosthetic limbs, waffle, juice box, guide dog and more.

5 years ago
Here’s a Sneak Peak of 230+ New Emojis To Be Released in 2019

The internet and social media have greatly modified the way how we communicate. Gone are those days when we used to speak and express ourselves, today verbal communication has been changed into emails and particularly to emojis. The change in our communicating style has been a gift from the two new hieroglyphic languages mainly emoji and emoticons.

Do you know both emoji and emoticons have different meanings? Yes? Great! I didn’t know that. Emoticons are letters and pictorial icons used to display emotion. On the other hand, emoji is a recent invention that involves objects, face emoji, and symbols which translates to pictograph. You might have used a list of emoticons while typing an email or replying a message. If you are still confused, check out the below picture that shows the differences between emoji and emoticons.

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No doubt, both emojis & emoticons help in expressing our thoughts. Emoticons text is used to receive emotional involvement from the public. But tell me, how often do you use emojis? To be honest, I spend more time in choosing emoji than writing text.

I speak in emojis or memes, and what’s amazing is with these gestures, I can share my thoughts without giving a detailed explanation. If you are also the one who searches emoji for every expression you want to say, here’s good news.

Unicode Consortium to Release New Emojis For All Platforms

In 2019, you can access over 250 emojis. Yes, you read it right! Unicode Consortium recently released over 60 emojis with 200+ variations that will allow the user to personalize the skin tone and gender. For those who don’t know Unicode is responsible for creating emojis for all platforms including Android, iPhones, and desktops. It is a non-profit corporation devoted to promoting internationalization standards and specifies the representation of text in products and software.

It was in February when the Unicode Consortium announced the addition of the new emojis to their database. Since then, the team has been working on designing the emojis, and now Apple users can check the preview of emojis how would it look on their phones.

As expected the new emojis are amazing as old ones, but this new update focuses on people those with physical disabilities. With the old emojis including smiling face and wink, the new release includes a yawning emoji, a sloth emoji and more. After the proposal from Apple, calling for emojis representing the disabled people, Unicode has released the update with emojis like service dogs and manual wheelchairs. Out of the new emojis announced, emoji with a hearing aid and mechanical arm and leg has attracted us the most.

People demanded redhead emoji, curly-haired option, gray-hair, and bald emoji. To this, Unicode came up with new hairs types and choices. You can also express your inner superhero with a man & a woman added as super characters. Besides this, new smiley symbols including sad eyes emoji and frozen emoji will be added in the latest update.

Emojipedia has posted the samples of how the new emojis would look like, and it is clear that Unicode has a focus on inclusivity that has been skipped in the last updates.

Source = Momsimage

This year’s update will allow you to choose the gender of people when selecting an emoji featuring a couple. Back in 2015, the skin colors were limited to heterosexual emojis for couples, and the user could only select the one with the same skin color.

While there are different 60 emojis, variations with gender and skin tone make for over 230 individual emojis. Unicode will make the emojis available online on 5th March 2019, but each company would then release their versions on different dates.

New Emojis to be Released in September 2019

iPhone emojis will play a key role in the new version. You will find deaf people, wheelchairs and other additions. Besides this, there are several couple combinations based on gender skin tone. If you are a foodie, iPhone emoji will have a waffle, onion, butter, garlic and a juice box in the latest update. New animals in the emoji added are a lobster, a kangaroo, and a peacock.

I don’t know how long will you have to wait to use these emojis, but according to the reports, new emojis will arrive in September – October when both Google and Apple will release their new OS updates.

Source = Cnn

The emojis for 2019 will also represent the different cultures. For instance, the new update features an oil lamp used by Hindus and Jains on Diwali, maté – a traditional South American drink, sari and more. Not only this, but there will also be over 50 combinations for the couple holding hands in every skin tone.

The new emoji ‘pinching hand’ has already become part of the memes on social media. Some are saying that the pinching hand will be used to describe a particular male body part.

The users will now have more colors in the emojis when the new version would be released. Currently, there are only limited colors, but Emojipedia reports that with the latest version all shapes like square, hearts, and circle will be available in brown, blue, black and different shades. (18.1)

Source = Momsimage

Emoji That Would Spread Awareness About the Period

Out of these listed emojis, one emoji that break the stereotypes is the emoji of the period (a drop of blood emoji). This emoji art is a result of a campaign initiated by Plan International. They ask Unicode to add an emoji that could remove the talks surrounding periods that affects young girls. The first design suggestion sent by Plan International was rejected by Unicode. Later, the blood drop emoji was approved,  and women praised the addition of this emoji in the new version.

One of the most surprising requests sent to Emojipedia is for the emojis to represent black families. The emojis in 2019 will show several options of people holding hands with different skin tones (black-white, white-white, black-black).

It is no secret that emojis are playing a major role in communication. And clearly, we needed more smileys, symbols, and faces to share our thoughts. Here’s is the list of the new emojis to be released in 2019.

Some New Emojis Which Would Turn Your Conversations Into Fun

  • Yawning Face

Source = Popsci

A yellow face with mouth wide open covered by a hand represents insufficient sleep or boredom with a topic. Don’t get confused with a sleeping face which also describes the same.

  • Ear With Hearing Aid

Source = Popsugar-assets

A hearing aid is worn by a person with hearing impairment. The emoji shown can represent several forms of hearing aid.

  • Man Kneeling

Source = Emojipedia

Man kneeling is a combination of male sign and kneeling person. It will be available in different skin tones.

  • Woman  and Man in Manual Wheelchair

Source = Twimg

The woman and man in a manual wheelchair is a combination of woman and manual wheelchair and man and manual wheelchair respectively.

  • Deaf Man

Source = Imageservera

The Deaf Man is a combination of Male Sign and a Deaf person. It will be available in different skin tones.

  • Woman and Man With Probing Cane

Source = Emojipedia

Woman and man with Probing Cane is a combination of Probing Cane and Woman and man and probing cane respectively. The user can customize it with different skin tones.

  • Pinching Hand

Source = Unilad

Pinching hand is a funny emoji which is used to refer to something that is small.

For most users, these new versions of emojis will come to devices in 2019. This new update will come ina beta version for Android around August and in October for iOS.                   

Concluding Thoughts

I wonder how great actors and poets in ancient times without emojis beautifully express their thoughts. They might hire a painter who displays the same body language and expressions to paint some scenes so that they could grasp in a better way. But in reality, when you are texting, think if hiring a painter is worth? Certainly not, and here the emojis have done a better job than any artist.

I love emojis and always look out for the new emojis to be released. If you also love sending out the emojis when texting your friends and family, add emoticons and emoji gif to add fun to a conversation.

So are you all set to use the whole new bunch of emojis in your message? Tell us out of these new emojis which one did you like the most.


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