Shocking Predictions for 2019 Worldwide You Should Be Prepared For

Life is tricky and knowing the future can help you in many ways. Scroll below and check the list of some surprising yet scary predictions for 2019 worldwide.

5 years ago
Shocking Predictions for 2019 Worldwide You Should Be Prepared For

2019 is here, and we are ready with new dreams and challenges. Each day brings an opportunity to do best with our lives. But some people believe in astrology and act accordingly. Over the years, astrologers have gained popularity from around the world. They had left people amazed with their predictions. While some of their predictions turned out true, some didn’t.

Read predictions for 2019, a year that will see several transformations in small and big ways. It may include earthquakes, war, change in technologies and more.

Michel de Nostredame or Nostradamus was one of the famous physicists better known for his predictions for the world. Do you know why he was referred to as the best physicist in the world? That’s because he predicted even his death. And almost all of his predictions were found to be accurate. Here are some of Nostradamus predictions that turned out to be true.

Let Us Take a Look at Nostradamus Prophecies for 2019.

1. Climate Changes

Source = Bbci

Nostradamus predictions for 2019 suggest that climate changes will affect the planet. The hurricanes will occur in several regions of ‘America.’ As per the prediction, there will be many categories of hurricanes which will hit the US in 2019. So the people living in Texas, New Orleans and Florida must be ready to face the bad weather.

The Government of New York also stated – 

“Extreme weather is a reality. We face storms of an unseen severity.”

2. Big Earthquake

Source = Mywesternwall

Michel de Nostredame or famous physicist Nostradamus predicted that the “Big Earthquake’ would cover the distance between Vancouver Island, Canada, and California, US. It will be the biggest natural disaster in the history of the US. According to his predictions, the magnitude of the earthquake will be approximately 8.5 degrees on the Richter scale.

Over 8,000,000 people living in Tacoma, Salem, Portland, and Olympia will be affected by the earthquake.

3. People will Get to Live up to 200 Years

Source = Territrespicio

Now, this is something interesting. According to Nostradamus predictions, the new discoveries in the field of medicine will help people in various ways. People who read Nostradamus prophecies said that according to him, with the help of medicines and new discoveries, people will live for more years (up to 200 years).

4. People will Speak to Animals

Source = Tailsinc

The famous French “prophet” predicted that in 2019, people would be able to talk with animals. He further added that animals would be more loyal to people than their companions. He wrote –

“The pigs will become brothers to man.” 

Some believe that the technology will allow people to talk to animals.

5. World War III Will Last for 27 Years

Source = Businessinsider

He predicted that WWIII will involve two superpowers and will continue for long 27 years. In his prophecy, he wrote – 

“Mount Aventine will be seen to burn at night:
The sky very suddenly dark in Flanders:
When the monarch will chase his nephew,
Then Church people will commit scandals.”

Here it is said that Nostradamus is referring to Saint Aventine who is considered the protector of the people who suffered mental illness, but also Aventine (one of the seven hills of Rome). The Sun eclipse that will occur on 23rd July 2019 will be the mark of disaster that will cover the Catholic Church and other churches. The murder of the leader of the Catholic Church will affect the whole world.

6. European Countries Will Deal with Floods

Source = Vox

Nostradamus 2019 prediction for the European countries claims that the countries will have to deal with floods. The countries that will suffer the most are Italy, Great Britain, and the Czech Republic.

Can Modi Win 2019 Election? Let’s See What Expert’s Prediction Says

Predicting the election is like a game. Either you will win or lose. Politics is one topic that can make every head turn. Of course, you can miss the latest trends or sports, but you can’t keep yourself away from the country affairs. Who will rule the country this year or who will win the Lok Sabha is a hot topic.

Right from predicting about the 2014 elections to who will be the next US president, Gaurav Pradhan’s predictions for the political affairs has been on point. He is not a psephologist, but someone who forecasts the things based on data and mood of the people. Now you might be wondering how does he predict through mood? 

He says –

“There is something called ‘Mood Analytics’ and I pick up my data points from there. It is based on what people are talking across social media on all the platforms. This gives me a typical idea of the mood that people are going through. Then there is intelligence information, and then geopolitics. What Saudi wants, what Pakistan wants. So if Pakistan wants Hilary and Saudi wants Hilary that means the nation is moving towards Trump. That is the geopolitical relationship.”

The 2019 elections are near, and everyone wants to know who will win this time. Those who think that BJP will not win the race and are unhappy about it should read this.

“People who are making those comments are either middle class or short business class who were saving taxes. The tax component was their earning and now they have lost it. Now here comes data science. I am picking data from rural India. How many families have benefited from the cooking gas and electricity? How many have got access to toilets and how many kids are going to school now? When I study this I am getting a figure of fifty crore. Even in forty-fifty crore, being a conservative I divide it by two, it is twenty crore. You know in 2014, the elections were won by a small margin of 1.4 crore and here you have a larger swing. So my calculation says 2019 belongs to Modi.”

So what are your thoughts on the 2019 election prediction by Gaurav? Well, the time will tell how accurate his prediction was. (18.1)

Scary Money Predictions for 2019

While you may predict about the elections, you cannot figure out about the ups and down in different sectors including jobs, real estate, and interest rates. Unfortunately, 2019 has some scary money predictions.

1. Recession

Source = Theatlantic

Now, this is a scary prediction for the job seekers. The last recession happened in 2008-09 which still scares many. Jobs were difficult to find or say they didn’t exist. The 2019 prediction says the recession will repeat and people might have to sell their house for survival. The Recession was tough for everyone. It took time to cover, but multiple sources of income have become necessary in a time like this.

2. Rapid Change in the Interest Rates

Source = Matzav

If you are planning on taking a loan for your studies or credit card, this prediction for the change in the interest rate in 2019 can give you serious nightmares. It is predicted that there will be a rapid increase in interest rates. So, if you take a loan in 2019, don’t forget to check your statement every month to notice the changes in interest rates.

3. Housing Problem in the United States

Source = Magicbricks

The housing problem is again a scary prediction for those looking for new homes. In the US, there is a large population of baby boomers, all of whom are either retired or going to retire in a few months. These seniors will look for the people who are searching for new homes. That sounds good! But here is the catch: there are not enough people left to buy their homes.

Another problem is the types of housing these seniors purchase do not attract the buyers. Their homes are outdated and do not appeal the buyers very much. They look to buy the homes that feature luxurious style with latest amenities. In the metropolitan areas, this might not cause trouble, but it may cause an issue in other areas.

Facebook will Have to Struggle in 2019

Source = Vox-cdn

The 2019 predictions for the popular social network ‘Facebook’ will shock you. If you are a Facebook user, you must be aware of the problems it faced in 2018 when its shares crashed. The astrologers have gone ahead to predict more about its success in 2019 but revealed that the early months of 2019 would be difficult for Facebook.

At such times, its Founder Mark Zuckerberg should take decision wisely to keep the platform running.  

Concluding Thoughts 

This was all about the future of 2019; well, the time will tell if these predictions turn out to be true or not.

No matter what the predictions are, they only give you a hint that this might happen next. There is no surety that the things they predicted will happen.

While predictions help us know better what the future holds, sometimes they scare us for long. You might not take them seriously, but yes it is interesting to know the perspectives of the astrologists for the future.

Do you believe in predictions? If so, drop your comments below and let us know which of your astrologer’s prediction turned out to be true. 


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