Top 5 Rare Roses From Around The World

From rare orchids to any flower that blossoms for just a few hours, you won’t find any flower better than rose. Roses for the ...

6 years ago
Top 5 Rare Roses From Around The World

From rare orchids to any flower that blossoms for just a few hours, you won’t find any flower better than rose. Roses for the longest time have been honored as the most popular flowers around the world. Roses have been a symbol of beauty and love. A Single rose or a bunch of roses do wonders aesthetically and gladdens the place. 

It is hard to believe that roses come in varieties of fragrance, sizes, and colors which cannot be traversed and assembled all at once, the big box stores unfortunately not carry all the varieties of rose so here is a collection of some incredible rare roses from around the world.

1) Black Rose

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You might have heard about the black rose but haven’t seen it right? Black rose or black velvet are extremely rare and can be noticed only in the village of Halfeti, Turkey. Do you know black rose doesn't even have a slight shade of black?? These roses technically possess a very dark shade of maroon, red or purple. The dark rose is placed in a pot of water mixed with black ink. Black roses blossom dark red in the spring and fade to black during the summer times.

2) Rainbow Rose

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Just imagine the shades of the rainbow in a rose?? The rainbow rose look so awesome, isn’t it? Rainbow rose had its petals artificially colored in form of rainbow. They are actually multicolored roses that are colored in a distinctive way, where the dye is allowed to run down the stem in the same manner that water would. 

The rose is formed by splitting the stem and dipping them in different color waters, forming a multi colored rose.

3) Striped Dragon Rose

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You even don’t have noticed the rose petals in strips. The beautiful strips of different colors in the striped dragon rose look unique in their way. It is perhaps the most beautiful rose ever seen. It can be seen in different color shades including black, purple and pink. If you are willing to buy this rose, research about the rose seeds first as you will find that only image exists of the striped dragon rose. Some say that it is a fake and doesn’t exist, but still, people are willing to buy it at any cost. 

Next time whenever you notice the striped dragon rose don’t forget to click the pic, you could sell the pic in millions!!!  (18.1)

4) Osiria Rose

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Osiria Rose is indeed an eye-catching rose in its own way. Not only Osiris is hard to find but it is extremely difficult to grow. A fascinating collaboration of the fragrance and a quick mix of cherry red with an alternating white on the petals is a rare combination ever seen. Osiria Rose is a large flowering bush with dark green leaves that are usually formed by mixing 2 breeds of different roses.

5) Rose Foetida

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Commonly known as Austrian copper rose, Foetida has a unique scent which some find objectionable. They are winter hardy, i.e. if once bloom they can reach up to the height of 10 feet. Eventually, this type of rose has not identified yet, it has just taken a temporary name depicting the location from where it was discovered and that is really silly. Since there were no yellow roses in Europe, its introduction from Persia is an important part to the roses and Foetida is a great contributor to the stock of roses.


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