10 Simple Math Tricks You Wish You Had Known Before

Math can be a dangerous subject for many people. But you are just a step away to sharpen your math skills.

6 years ago
10 Simple Math Tricks You Wish You Had Known Before

Did you find math boring? That’s great I find it too. I always use to search for the tricks that could have helped me gain interest in math. Actually, it's entirely not your fault if you find math dangerous subject – maybe it’s the case that you didn’t know the hidden tricks and tips to make any maths question simple. While I was just stumbling on the net, I got my hands on easy and simple math tricks that literally have helped me adding math to my favorite subject from now onwards. No, I am not kidding, below are some simple math tricks that will blow your mind.

1. Switching Percentages

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If you find calculating 4% of 50 tough, just flip the problem 50% of 4 and you will get the right answer. Did you get it? That’s a lot easier.

2. Multiplying By 5

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If you find it easier multiplying number by 10, here’s good news multiplying a number by 5 is a lot easier. For instance, if you need a paper to do 317*5 = 1585, here’s a trick just divide 317/2 = 158.5 remove the decimal and here’s your answer. Wow! I wish I could have known this trick very earlier.

3. Multiplying By 11

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To multiply the 2 digit numbers by 11 just add the digits and stick the answer between them. For instance, 45*11 adds 4+5 i.e  9 put 9 between the numbers i.e. 495.

Now, what if addition exceeds by carrying? Just add the carry over to the 1st digit. Like 58*11 will be 5+8 i.e. 13 carry 1 over the digit 5 (it is now 5+1) the result would be 568

4. Divisibility By 8

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To check if number is divisible by 8, simply check the last 3 digits given in a number i.e. 1245024 if divisible by 8

Here 024 is divisible by 8 i.e the number can be divided by 8. (11.1)

5. Figure Out Salary

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If you ever need to calculate your annual salary as you are doing per hour job. Take your hourly wage, double it and add 3 zeros. Say if you are taking $5 per hours double it $10 and add 3 zeros i.e. $10,000 annually. I bet you won’t believe that math can be simple as this…

6. A Number Divisible By 4

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To check if a number is divisible by 4 just see if the last 2 digits of a number are divisible by 4 or not if it is divisible by 4 the whole number will get divided by 4  for instance – 3451244.

7. A Number Divisible By 6

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In this, you have to apply both two’s and three’s divisibility rules. If a number is divisible by 2 and also with 3 then the number will be divisible by 6.

8. Celsius And Fahrenheit Conversion

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To calculate Celsius from Fahrenheit, just multiply the given degree by 2 and add 30, to find reverse i.e. Fahrenheit from Celsius subtract 30 and divide by 2. Have you ever thought how these simple match tricks could help you in exams?

9. Faster Square Roots

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Obviously, you know the square root of 4 i.e. 2 but do you know the square root of 85? You can check the estimate by calculating the nearest square figure i.e. square root of 81 is 9 and of the next figure i.e. of 100 equals to 10, so the resulting square root of 85 should be 9.Something (as 85 is closer to 81)

10. Quick Square

You can very easily take out the square of the number ending with 5, for instance, 25*25 = 625


Do 5*5 = 25, put it down on the paper, now multiply what comes after 2 i.e.3 what is 2*3 = 6 so here’s your result 25*25 = 625

So did you find these simple math tricks interesting? We would love to hear your views on same…drop your ideas below if you have more simple and amazing math tricks. (11.2)


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