15 Horrific Facts About Domestic Violence & Ways to Prevent This Heinous Act

Read shocking facts about domestic violence that you might not have read before, and they need to be shared with everyone.

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15 Horrific Facts About Domestic Violence & Ways to Prevent This Heinous Act

If you are a history buff, then you must have heard or read about democracy and republic. Democracy is a form of government in which people have the right to choose their governing legislators. 

Another important topic that is shared in history is domestic violence. It is violence in marriage or cohabitation and is often used as an alternative to intimate partner violence. Globally, the victims of domestic violence are women and experience more forms of violence. In the early 1800s, the legal system accepted wife-beating as a husband’s right over his wife. 

English common law treated domestic violence as a crime against the community. From 1500 to the 1800s, the early settlers in America based their laws on an Old-English common-law that permits wife-beating for correctional purposes. The state then clarified that a husband is allowed to beat his wife with a switch no bigger than a thumb. 

In 1866, the American Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals was founded, and it predates the prevention of cruelty to children and women. You would be shocked to know that Domestic violence is the major cause of injury to women and not accidents and rape combined. Every 9 seconds, a woman is beaten or assaulted in the US. 

Types of Domestic Violence

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Not all types of domestic violence you have read about are equal. It can take many forms like physical assault, sexual abuse, stalking, intimidation, and more. 

Physical abuse involves pain, injury, and other physical sufferings. Sleep deprivation and forced drugs are also forms of physical abuse. During pregnancy, a woman is at higher risk of abuse.

Emotional Abuse

Insulting or criticizing the victim’s self-confidence comes under emotional abuse. This might include public humiliation and threatened rejection. Threatening directly or indirectly with the intention of physical harm is emotional abuse and intimidation. Not allowing a person to follow their religion and keeping them away from the religious community is the common abuse victims suffer. 


It is a form of abuse connected to controlling behaviors. Keeping the victim isolated and keeping away from the world might pressurize them to leave the relationship. Some victims isolate themselves from support systems because of injuries and shame. 

Sometimes, self-isolation may develop from fear of humiliation or from fear of harming themselves. After the Novel Coronavirus crisis has affected the world, domestic violence cases have been increased due to stress and conflicts. 

Control Abuse

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Controlling behavior to maintain dominance over the victim is the major issue in domestic violence. Controlling behavior can include invading their privacy by not allowing them space of their own, monitoring phone calls or other number monitoring devices, and more. Making the victim believe that they can’t perform any task on their own also comes under the type of abuse. 

Verbal Abuse

It is an abusive language used to embarrass or threaten the victim. It is not limited to killing the victim, pets, or property. It can also sometimes include calling the victim an unattractive or ugly person. 

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is an attempt to obtain a sexual act. It also includes female genital mutilation and inspections for virginity. Sexual contact between a child and an adult is also a form of sexual violence. Making fun of another’s body, insulting, and making contact with the victim in an unsensual way like kissing, sucking, or touching is a form of sexual abuse. 

Economic Abuse

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It is a form of economic abuse when one partner has control over another partner’s access to resources. It may involve preventing a spouse from resource acquisition or exploiting the economic resources of the victim. Furthermore, it includes reduced access to education and assets requirements. 

Physical Abuse

Pushing, shaking, slapping, stabbing, shooting, or hitting with an object comes under physical abuse. Ending violent behavior and indirect physically harmful behavior are the major causes of physical abuse. According to the AMEND Workbook, physical abuse is not limited to injured children, pets, and property. 

Same-Sex Relationship Abuse

According to studies, the rates are similar for boys and girls in heterosexual relationships. Also, there is a strong link between child abuse and domestic violence. In history, domestic violence was considered a heterosexual family issue and has been directed at violence in a same-sex relationship. 

Gay and lesbian relationships are at risk of abuse in different populations. LGBT in several parts of the world has little legal protection from domestic violence. People in a same-sex relationship face difficulty dealing with the issues that researchers have called the double closet. 

Facts About Domestic Violence

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Let us know shocking facts about domestic violence below. 

  1. In the United States, over 15M people are abused by their partners. That’s a huge number, which is over 15 million men and women a year. 
  2. Women aged 20-25 are at more risk of becoming victims of domestic violence. 
  3. On average, an abuser hits a spouse 30-40 times before they make a police complaint. 
  4. Every year more than 4 million children witness domestic violence in their homes. According to studies, children who see domestic violence at home have more health problems and have frequent headaches. Also, boys who witness domestic violence usually abuse their partners when they turn into adults. 
  5. It is a myth that men aren’t victims of domestic violence. However, a study showed 30-40% of men experience domestic violence. 
  6. People who suffer from domestic violence experience several diseases like depression, flashbacks, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. 
  7. Another lesser-known fact about domestic violence is the cost that it takes in law enforcement and treatment. You won’t believe it, but it takes nearly $40 billion a year in legal work and mental health treatment to help a victim. 
  8. Every day more than five women are killed by their spouses. 
  9. The majority of child and homeless women in the US are suffering from domestic violence. 
  10. Intimate partner abuse is a major health problem, and it is affecting over 2 million women and over 80,000 men into homelessness, death of victims. 
  11. The majority of domestic violence incidents are never reported. 
  12. According to reports, domestic violence most likely happens between 6 p.m to 6 a.m.
  13. The risk of murder also increases when the gun and other weapons are kept in the house. 
  14. Over 325000 women every year experience intimate partner violence when they are pregnant. 
  15. Domestic violence is the major cause of homelessness in families. 

Ways to Prevent Domestic Violence

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According to studies, one in 12 men and one-third of women experience intimate partner violence. If you know someone who is facing domestic violence and want to help them out, here are ways that you can try to help the victim. 

1. Know the Signs

Be it a black, white, young, kid, or adult: domestic violence can happen to anyone. While some face domestic violence when they enter a relationship, others when they are a kid. Know the signs of domestic violence that may include controlling financial decisions, intentionally damaging your property, pressurizing to have sex, or embarrassing you. 

2. Be Available

If you know someone who is experiencing domestic violence and want your help, keep your phone ready or discuss it with them related to the matter. Make sure that you meet them regularly to ensure their safety. Alternatively, you can advise them to download a safety app to alert their support network in danger. Several free safety apps are available on the play store, which can be downloaded easily. 

3. Learn About the Movement

Understand the movement and the history of domestic violence prevention. Start reading journals, watch the news on domestic violence, and learn about the domestic violence movement to stop the abuse. Collaborate with other domestic violence shelters or reach to community officers to talk about the issue. 

Final words

Domestic violence is more common than you think. It is the most underreported crime worldwide for everyone. It can be found in different cultures, homes, and anywhere. 

Unfortunately, it happens every second, and there seems to be no solution to this problem. Staying informed and keeping everyone aware of this heinous act could be a few essential steps to stop it. It is an unavoidable topic and should be discussed seriously. 

Do you know other facts about domestic violence and the ways to stop it? If yes, then drop your comments below. 


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