5 Reasons Why We Humans Sing in Shower

Do you also enjoy singing in the shower? For most of us, singing comes naturally when we enter the bathroom. Here are the reasons why humans sing in the shower.

6 years ago
5 Reasons Why We Humans Sing in Shower

Admit it or not, we all instantly turn into Justin Bieber and Enrique Iglesias when we take shower. Out of many things we do, bathroom singing is one of the funniest human attributes noticed. Many of us can relate to the early showers as they occur naturally when we are in the bathroom.

To be honest, singing in shower is a relaxing experience. But have you ever wondered why we humans sing in the shower? If you haven’t, read on here to know few reasons behind bathroom singing.

1. It Refreshes You

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You might not know but standing in shower makes you feel relaxed just like under a natural waterfall. Even those who didn’t like singing are more likely to start singing when entering the bathroom. Taking shower is one of those few times when a human is alone and far away from worries and stress.

2. It Improves Your Breathing

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Do you know that singing in the shower improves your breathing? When you take shower, you are in the mood for relaxation, water falls over your body and thus improves your breathing. It helps in better circulation of blood and gives you energized feeling. One more interesting fact about bathroom singing is it stands equal to meditation.

3. It Creates Amazing Sound Effects

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Surprisingly, the surroundings in the bathroom are perfect to begin a small concert. Your bathroom includes hard objects like tiles that do not absorb any sound, which means it bounces back your voice and acts as reflector. The soft and hard materials in the bathroom serve as the reflector and this is why your voice gets amplified just like in a singing studio. When you enter the bathroom, it is possible that you will entertain yourself with the singing. (11.1)

4. It Is The Best Stress Reliever

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You might not have noticed but singing in the shower reduces your stress. When you sing, you release ‘feel good’ hormones. Thus bathroom singing leads to happiness and acts as the perfect tranquilizer. Singing in bathroom ultimately reduces your stress level and fights with depression.

5. It Lowers Down the Risk of Heart Failure

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Research shows that singing in a bathroom is very good for your heart. Shower singers have lower risk of heart failures than those who do not sing in a bathroom. Singing increases oxygenation in the blood making your heart stronger. It is quite surprising to note that bathroom singing can actually be an excellent health benefit. (11.2)

These reasons tell why humans sing in the shower and why bathroom naturally becomes the place for singing and makes us highly relaxed.


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