7 Disturbing And The Quirky Deep Web Facts That You Might Not Know

Have you ever found that your credit card information is stolen and all your amount has been billed for shopping? OMG! My account is hacked. Any idea how all this happen? This is the world of Deep Web! Know how this deep web is far more interesting than the regular web.

6 years ago
7 Disturbing And The Quirky Deep Web Facts That You Might Not Know

Just imagine what all you were doing right now if there was no internet? I am not pointing about the internet connection, just NO Internet! Is it hard to imagine right? The way this creepy but somehow useful thing has tied into us just like for every now and then, we can't even wonder what we did for the long years before it entered the world.

Though, the internet is absolutely a brilliant thing it does have its own limitations. You have knew it with the continuous use of the internet, but to be honest, there is something worse that you see at the single click. 

Have you ever heard something about Deep Web or Hidden Web? You are definitely wrong if you are thinking that it just a simple web that you use every day. Let me tell you, it is more than a daily internet and offers something unusual than you can't even imagine.

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Some Unusual Deep Web Facts That You Should Know right now:

1) Only 10-15% Are Regular Internet User

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Just because you are new to the topic, that clearly doesn't sense that all others are your friends. Going with the stats, only 10-15% are regular internet users and rest all are deep web users. Another shocking deep web fact is that it contains more than 500 billion pages. The deep web pages are those pages which are not indexed by Google or any other search engine.

2) It is Full of Porn Fantasies

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The deep web is jam packed with porn movies. If you are looking for something like this then go for it. Even one guy broadcasts a live secret web cam of his sister. It would be wrong if I get more into this, but if you are the one searching for this kind of stuff...find the way to access the deep web.

3) 'The Onion Router' Needed to Access The Deep Web

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You can't just access the deep web by searching on your regular window. The deep Web requires a software - TOR (The Onion Router) that offers complete privacy on your clicks. The interesting fact about TOR is the IP addresses are anonymous and they can't be tracked anyhow.

4) TOR Is Sponsored By Government

Initially, it was done by the non-profit group, but over the time the government took over. It is now officially sponsored by the US, Department of State Bureau of Democracy, The Ford Foundation and other major government groups. It is really hard to imagine how these illegal activities get much privacy and that too under governments section.

5) Cash And Credit Cards - The Bad Choice

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Just like you have some paid software's and application, the deep web also offers some online transactions. But the real twist is you can't use your daily cash and credit cards to buy anything, a deep web allows only special bitcoins for the process. Currently, coinbase is used to make payments on the deep web. It is completely a different currency which can't be tracked. (5.1)

6) Hidden Album

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You can even release the album on the Deep Web. Death Grips released their album - 'No Love Deep Web'  on the hidden web, which was only accessible to their followers. Though, it is a poor advertisement policy, benefit is that it only gets in reach to the targeted person.

7) An Open Way To The Drugs

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Check out the drugs ever made. You can reach anything out here, right from the premium quality drugs to strong acid, everything can be purchased through Deep Web.


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