How To Pass Lie Detector Test + Bonus Technique Included

There are various circumstances when you may be subjected to a lie detector test. A polygraph test is specifically designed to determine the subject's reactions if truthful or deceptive.

6 years ago
How To Pass Lie Detector Test + Bonus Technique Included

Many people become scared and feel troubled when they are told to have a lie detector test. There are many instances when you are asked to give a lie detector or polygraph examination. Actually, this lie detector examination is too common for innocent people to prove them wrong for the silly reasons resulting in the false accusations.

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Unlike other technologies which may fail at moment this polygraph examination, is considered to be quite true in many circumstances. This examination device is created by humans and may subject to errors like other devices. So if you are the one who is afraid that your nervousness could fail you, here are few tips to keep in mind to pass lie detector test successfully.

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Control questions are always asked at the beginning of the test, these questions are asked to obtain the benchmark of the subject’s heart rate, blood pressure etc. The questions asked here is – name, DOB etc, these are just normal questions to determine the baseline of the subject’s body. Other questions are then compared with the benchmark rates. Hold your breath for 10-15 seconds before you answer another question as it will give you some relaxation when the results the hard questions are matched with the control questions. 

Try Breathing Normally

Try breathing normally when questions are asked to you. Abnormal heart rate and breathing easily fail the lie detector test. Breathe stable at a normal rate to pass the test as such test or polygraph examination is sensitive to breathing rates.

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Reduce Your Stress Level

Increased stress level makes it more difficult to compare the responses clearly. Sometimes people increased their stress level by creating mind thoughts, this causes them to frighten or angry and ultimately delivers the failed results. (11.1)

If you are telling the truth in the test, you don’t have to worry about passing this test, but somehow it is a good idea to acknowledge some tips and tricks to make the readings in your favor.

Here Are Some Bonus Techniques Included 

Beat the False Test with the Positive Scores

In case if you are telling lie and you want to clear the test with the positive scores, here’s how you can cheat in a polygraph examination…

Plan In Advance

The easy way to beat the polygraph examination is to find out what exactly the tester is looking for. Prepare yourself for the sort of questions the tester may ask you at the time of examination and revise what not to answer that question.

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Just Say Yes Or No

Try to stick with your answers as Yes or No. Control the excitement of getting deep into the questions. Be cooperative and do not offer extra information if not needed. 

Polygrapher Will Never Be On Your Side

Remember polygrapher will try to convince you that he/she will do a favor for you but help yourself; this is completely a deceptive case. Polygrapher can make you answer in any way. Don’t get convinced by him/her.

Hide Your Knowledge About Lie Detector Test

Even if you have in-depth knowledge about polygraph examination make innocence face like that you haven’t heard about it. Too much information about this test may make the tester determine that you have some secrets (even if you don’t)


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