OMG! How Can They Do This??? - 9 Unrealistic Things

7 years ago
OMG! How Can They Do This??? - 9 Unrealistic Things

Each person on the universe is created different from the other. All have varied shapes and sizes. Humans do amazing things and each one is excellent with one or more of their individual qualities and strengths. But some are extraordinary with their skills. Their talent slays no bar for the impossible.

Here are some extraordinary people with most unusual talent

9 Unrealistic Things People Can Do

1. Drilling in the skin

Isn’t this magic? This man can withstand a drilling machine for 10 seconds without causing any harm to his body. The man has even tried pushing metallic spikes in his skin. Don’t believe? Look at the picture again. And one more thing, he even breaks iron bar with his throat.

2. Truck pulling with ears

Ears are considered to be the most sensitive organs in human body. I don’t need to say anything further. Someone who can pull the truck with his ears can do anything in physical.

3. Count them first

Any one competing with this man? Oh but before that count them first.

4. Lick your elbows people

Try this out people. Let’s see how many can do this. Make sure to wash it before you lick.

5. Girl power

I hope this is not photoshop and if it really isn’t who is the supergirl.

6. Perfect balance

This is just above perfection. This is what people call to be the perfect balance of mind and body.

7. Tongue-gami

Origami is an easy thing to learn and do. Have you ever tried this art form. Queued with the elbow task.

8. Flexibility

Now this is called flexibility.

9. Super weightlifter

Who says tummy men can’t lift weight? Watch him carefully. Can you calculate the amount he is weighing? No tricks and tacts, pure strength.

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