8 Kisses In History That Turned Into Tragic Deaths - #4th Is Really Shocking

Kiss is an ultimate litmus test in any relationship. It’s just that style and expression of kissing differs from culture and experiences.

6 years ago
8 Kisses In History That Turned Into Tragic Deaths - #4th Is Really Shocking

There’s nothing more romantic than a kiss. After all, the kiss is the beginning and the climax of love story and an inspiration that has encouraged poets for years. Kissing is a beautiful example of both care and growth. Be it a human or an animal both have a natural drive to connect through this lovely gesture.

Sometimes, it is more than a magic while sometimes it is awkward, but confidently you can say that is harmless. But what If I say that every kiss is not romantic, some kisses can even turn toxic and poisonous in a way that it leads you to death? Scared! Here, is the real-life kissing incidences that turned out to be lethal.

1. Myriam Ducre – Lemay

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It was in October 2012 when Myriam Ducre – Lemay joined the party with her boyfriend. Later, the two shared a kiss before getting into bed, the girl suddenly experienced trouble in breathing. She was immediately taken to the hospital; the ambulance arrived within 8 minutes after being called, but Myriam died as a result of lack of oxygen. After the investigation, it was reported that his boyfriend ate peanut butter sandwich before brushing the teeth.  His boyfriend was not aware she is extremely allergic to peanut butter. (11.1)

2. Anthony Powell

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Melissa Ann Blair and Anthony Powell were in a relationship. It was on 2nd June 2016 when the two exchanged a long and deep kiss. A few hours later Anthony Powell was found dead. What happened was during the kiss, Ann Blair passes nearly seven balloons of methamphetamines to him which soon broke his stomach and killed him. Blair was sentenced to two years in prison for drug charges, followed by the supervision order.

3. Julio Macias Gonzalez Died Of Hickey

17-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez was having dinner with his family and suddenly started jerking. Healthcare professionals were called but he was pronounced dead. Before having a dinner the guy met his beloved who gave him the hickey. Although, the hickey is harmless it caused the blood clot in this case which busted the blood vessels. This blood clot traveled all around his brain and led him to death. OMG! This real-life kissing incident has really given me goosebumps. Better you test your body before experiencing hickey and love bites.

4. Mao Ansheng – The Planned Poisonous Kiss

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Now, this one is the strange and deadly real-life kissing incident ever read. This planned poisonous kiss occurred in China in 2007. Xin Xinfeng killed her partner by passing the rat poison pill to her mouth. Earlier, the two agreed to an infidelity pact that they would be killed if anyone of them was caught cheating and lying.

Once Mao was noticed talking with some random woman, but seeing them mingling with other was enough for Xin. The two decided to meet next day, before their meeting, Xin wrapped rat poison in a plastic and placed under her tongue. As the two went kissing, she passed this pill into Mao’s mouth and he swallowed and died.

5. Triatominae

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Kiss doesn’t need anything like drugs or poison to be harmful. Instead, a random kiss with realization is more dangerous. Triatominae or more often known as kissing bugs are tiny insects which bite human near the mouth and then released their waste in the wound. These tiny bugs can cause you Chagas disease. These kinds of disease go unnoticed and even the bugs are not easily visible.

6. Somnath Mhatre

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Don’t you dare kiss cobra! 21-year-old Somnath Mhatre was an avid snake rescuer. You can even view his pictures posing and handling snakes on his social media account. Unfortunately, one day he decided to pose in front of the camera kissing a cobra. Before he could click the snap the Cobra hit with forces and bite him. The boy died three days later. Therefore, it is advised not to become such a selfie addict that it may lead your death.

7. Dominique Wright

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Dominique Wright and her beloved Benjamin went out for drinks. On the way to home, Dominique was not wearing a seatbelt, she leaned on him and gave a kiss. Benjamin distracted by the kiss and the van collided with a tree. Somehow he makes it out of the van but the girl died on spot. It was found that Benjamin was drunk above the drink - driving limit. Dominique’s parents didn’t forgive him instead he was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

8. Jemma Benjamin

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Jemma Benjamin and Daniel Ross shared a kiss just outside Daniel’s apartment. Later he shows his apartment and suddenly noticed that her eyelids were dropping and she was bubbling from a mouth. The ambulance was called but unfortunately, she died. Later it was determined that Benjamin died from sudden adult death syndrome. Her father has set up a memorial fund for the young people to help with the signs of cardiac issues.


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