The 27 Year Old Woman Weighs 300 kg and Her Boyfriend is Pushing Her for More

She Wants To Be The World's Fattest Woman We are used to see boys going mad over p...

7 years ago
The 27 Year Old Woman Weighs 300 kg and Her Boyfriend is Pushing Her for More

She Wants To Be The World's Fattest Woman 

We are used to see boys going mad over perfect figures but there is this boy whose girlfriend weighs 300 kilograms and he wants her become fatter.

Yes you heard it right. Its Monica Riley from US we are talking about.

'I want to be the fattest woman on this earth, to the extent that I become immobile, that’s my dream!' 

Monica is very much determined to become the fattest person alive and doing her eating her best for that. She is risking her life for this dream. With the speed she is gaining weight, she can barely walk. She may even die early if she continues to grow at this pace.

Everyone Wants A Boyfriend Like Hers

And her boyfriend Sid Riley is supporting her fulfill this dream. Sid Riley is an average physique person who is helping Monica gain more and more weight. 

Monica has YouTube channel of her own which has a huge fan following. Strikingly, she is paid by her YouTube fans to eat more and achieve her goal.

The 27 year old woman told The Sun, a UK based news agency that she wants to become immobile and live like a queen of the Egyptian ages.

“My goal is to reach almost 1000 pounds which is 450 kgs and become immobile. I would feel like a queen, like back in the Egyptian ages the fatter you are the more loved you are.”

Her Weight Turns The Couple Around

Talking about how Monica’s boyfriend Sid feels about this, Monica says,

“It is a sexual fantasy for my boyfriend and we talk about it a lot. He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed; I can’t imagine myself without him.”

When Monica has a big dinner, her belly is too full for her to roll over the bed. Sid helps her in doing so and that is a big turn on for them. 

Check out their video below.

Other Plans

Monica is also planning for a built in toilet inside the bed which will have to be emptied by Sid.

As bigger as Monica grows day by day, she feels herself sexier. She loves to stuff herself with food all the time and keeps playing with her big soft belly.

Apart from the dream of becoming the world’s fattest woman alive, Monica has also seen dreams for her family life. She wants to raise kids and finds no troubles in doing so. The couple will get someone to take care of their child.

“We would get a nanny in to help around the house and take the baby out and about... Some people might think it’s selfish but I’m confident we would be good parents.” 

But not everyone supports Monica. She has the biggest support of her boyfriend and fans but her family not at all favours this. Monica’s mother feels that she is killing herself. Monica understands her concern towards her daughter but this is what makes her happy. 

No matter what Monica is going to stick to her goals


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