29 Intriguing Photos That Show How Things Look Like on the Inside

Many things we see regularly but have no clue how they look on the inside. Right? So, have a look at these interesting photos revealing the striking insides of everyday objects which are not visible with a simple view.

5 years ago
29 Intriguing Photos That Show How Things Look Like on the Inside

There is no doubt that the most beautiful things on Earth are not visible from naked eyes even if those are basic things which we use daily. Exactly! It may be not known to all but a lot of objects, both artificial and natural, have some striking insides which are not visible with a single glimpse.

And also, we can’t forget that the world is a lovely place, full of amazing things in every nook and corner. From the view of the inside of a guitar to the behind view of a theatre hall, all these inside-looks are extraordinary.

So here we have listed rare pictures of incredibly common objects. Scroll down and rediscover their beauty and blow your mind.

1. Inside of the Guitar

Source = Twimg

What an intriguing view of the inside of this guitar! Isn’t It? Well, to me, it looks like an apartment I can't afford. LOL! What do you think?

2. Look of the Violin’s Interior

Source = Ggpht

Well, someone should make an apartment inspired by this. Amazing, right?

3. A Banana Tree Trunk

Source = Bcbits

Undoubtedly, the design looks such beautiful that seems like we are looking at something very artistic.

4. Batteries Inside a Battery

Source = Pausecafein

So apparently a battery is a combination of 4 AAA cells soldered together and looks undoubtedly great.

5. In the Bowling Balls

Source = Iquizuuu

And, this is what the inside of a bowling ball looks like. Confusing, right? But it is what it is!

6. Ruler Inside a Bracelet

Source = Supermyrecipes

Who knew what a snap bracelet is! Cool!

7. Golf Balls

Source = Factsverse

Nothing less than candies. But I don't understand why they are so colorful and that too from the inside?

8. Air Mattress

Source = Methongthai

Needless to say that the inside of this air mattress looks like an alien cave.

9. Inner Look of the Snooker Table

Source = Buzzfeed

Well, it is interesting! Because I never thought about what the interior of a pool table looks like.

10. A Fuel Dispenser

Source = Cazinjani

Nice! Now I can easily imagine what a fuel pump is behind the scene while standing there for fuel. LoL!

11. A Bungee Cord

Source = Fhm

And this is what a Bungee cord’s inside looks like. Still not safe!

12. Dartboard

Source = Wp

Well, I saw twice to believe my eyes that this is how the sensors of a dartboard look like. Amazing!

13. Inside Look of a Tire

Source = Sivrizeka

Looking at it, all I can say it’s a Tire-Wire! Well, I just had no idea that there was copper in them. Surprising!

14. Escalator

Source = Detik

OMG! Is it an escalator? So, this is what it looks like when it is being built.

15. A Telephone Wire

Source = Rbl

And, This is how the telephone wire looks like. Amazing, that a small bundle of about 100 pair of 26 gauge wire is telephone wire.

16. Credit Card

Source = Academic-box

All I can think is where all the money comes from!

17. A Movie Theater Screen

Source = Demotywatory

I never even thought about how it looks from behind. But interesting to watch the space behind a movie theater screen looks like.

18. A Toothpaste Tube

Source = Wp

This is very pleasing to look at. OM-NOM-NOM!

19. Half Cut Cactus

Who knows that they have a woody core inside? But interesting to know that there is no green inside but green outside. And, it looks dead. Anyway, maybe the green flesh is only the spongy material. Need to touch it to find out. Though, cool to know!

20. Back of the Bowling Alley

Source = Oggito

It’s an answer to many questions how the back of a bowling alley looks like? Well, here you go!

21. Fresh Cinnamon

Source = Mtdata

Wow! It looks amazing. It might smell amazing too! Don’t you think the same?

22. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Source = Twimg

I know it’s not something you use regularly but, surely some people see it every day. So for them, this is the inside look of one of the seven wonders of the world- the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. And, guess what it is empty!

23. Huge Power Line Towers

Source = Imgur

If you ever queried how they fix these huge power line towers. So, here’s the answer!

24. Eyeball After a Cornea Transplant

Source = Wisgoon

Well, it's not a general query. But if in case you've ever questioned how an eyeball looks like after having a cornea transplant.

25. Mature Hedge Cut in Half

Source = Cerkosong

After seeing it, only one word came to the mind and, that is ‘Dead-Inside.’ Oops!

26. Blood Vessels of a Hand

Source = Squarespace

Its look horrifying at first sight. But no wonder why even the smallest of cuts there bleed so much even on the fingertips.

27. A Tissue Box

Source = Sinaimg

So organized, right? Anyway, it looks unusual.

28. A Lily Pad

Source = Factsverse

Well, all I can say, the underside of Lily pads looks beautiful too!

29. Leica Camera Lens

Source = Cloudfront

No wonder this mechanical piece is beautiful. But I wonder it’s quite an art to cut it so precisely like this! Isn’t it?

Take Home Thoughts

So, this is how these things look like. Some are great but, some are horrifying, right?

Well, which one you found the most interesting? Tell us through the comment section!


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