7 Pictures Proving That Indian Roads Have the Worst Traffic Congestion

Here are a few pictures showing the reality of Indian traffic. These pictures would make you rethink your traffic problems.

4 years ago
7 Pictures Proving That Indian Roads Have the Worst Traffic Congestion

If you are a traveler, then you would agree that meeting new people is an amazing experience. Some people would say that they travel to new places to explore around and to experience the best of the moments. For instance, people travel to India to visit the most extravagant places like The Red Fort, Ruins of Hampi, Beaches, and more.  

But if you ever have reached your destination via roads in India, then at one time, you must have thought of Indian traffic. You don’t understand what is happening and where people are heading. India is bad at traffic. Driving in India is a kind of adventurous sport that people participate in. 

So, if you ever plan to come to India, make sure that you come prepared to experience its traffic. It is terrible! Don’t believe it? Here are some pictures that would make you rethink about your country’s traffic. 

1. When You Have to Deliver the Order Within 30 Minutes

Source = Fishki

What would happen when this loaded rickshaw would break down (during peak office time)? Just imagine fixing this rickshaw in the middle of a couple of vehicles that are heading towards their destination.  

2. When Elephant Joins You on the Road

Source = Boredpanda

Don’t you think there should be a separate lane for animals?

3. This is What Happens When You Cross the Red Signal

Source = Rideinindia

Ever happened with you?

4. We are a Family!

Source = Pinimg

They do not know this kind of act could cause accidents. 

5. They Know How to Make a Way Through Traffic

Source = Pressa

Thank God they don’t have vehicles.

6. This Loading Vehicle Lost Its Load & There’s Nobody to Care For

Source = Boredpanda

7. When You Can't Afford a Car

Source = Boredpanda

Memes That Could Make You Laugh While You Are Stuck In Traffic

No matter how responsible a driver you are, there is someone who would be responsible for the serious traffic. But what could you do when you are waiting for the traffic to get clear? The best thing you can do is enjoy the memes. 

Here are a few amazing tweets shared by people over the internet that would make you laugh about the Indian traffic situation.

Poor Monalisa!

This is Epic!

To All the Delhi People!

Hopefully, this is not the case in your area. 

Mumbai is the City of Dreams But Also a City of Traffic.

Traffic Woes Are a Real Thing in India!

At least you know something!

We Won’t Leave You Alone!

Source = Dailyhunt

Society, Society everywhere!

Do Not Try to Become a Super Hero!


Final Words

Whether you are living in India or anywhere else in the world, getting stuck in the traffic is the worst experience. Crossing roads in India is a daunting task when you are visiting the country for the first time. Here are a few driving tips that you should follow while driving in India.  

Jokes apart! But road safety is a topic that should be taken seriously. Also, not to mention, the Indian government is constantly improving its traffic and making people aware of road safety. India alone is not bad at traffic; these countries are also known for having the worst traffic

Have you ever experienced this kind of traffic anywhere? How was your reaction to it? Share your views below.  

Be Extra Careful and Look in All Directions While Crossing the Road!


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