10 Fascinating Facts About Germs

You can’t deny the fact that germs are harmful to our body, but do you know that not all germs are bad? Some bacteria or microorganisms are very good for our body and keep the body balance maintain.

5 years ago
10 Fascinating Facts About Germs

Are you familiar with the word ‘germs’? Everyone is aware that germs and bacteria are present in every corner and on every surface, that we come into contact in our daily activities. Our body is absolutely amazing, it digests food, it sends signals, it pumps blood and does more operations. But there is a bunch of tiny invaders that make us sick without our consent and they are called as germs.

You might think that germs are cooties or bad stuff. But actually, germs are living things, microorganisms that are quite harmful and cause severe diseases. They are so small that they enter into our body without going noticed. We can never imagine how they enter into the body until we hit any disease symptoms.

But the lesser known fact about germs is that not all tiny microorganisms are bad for our health. There are some good bacteria which reside in our intestines and even help us to use the supplements in the food. So, here are some more fascinating facts about bacteria you probably are not aware of.

1. Germs Those Live in The Body are Uncountable

Source = Healthscopemag

Yes, you read it right! You can never count how many germs have recognized your body as their home. Germs crawl on your skin, below the belt and like everywhere. But most of the bacteria that reside in the body helps in digesting food and also prevents yeast infection.

2. Germs Have Nothing to do With Hot Water

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If you think that washing hands with hot water and with soap is the best protection against germs, than you might be mistaken.

Surprisingly, hot water is no more good and the effective solution to eliminate bacteria from your hands. Hot water is optional; there would be the same effect with cold water too. (14.1)

3. Germs Simply Love Tasting the Toothbrush

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Can you remember how long you have been using the same toothbrush? If your answer is more than 5 months then it is really a high time for you to put it in the dustbin. Another interesting fact about germs is they love spending time with your toothbrush. An open toilet allows the germs to grow on your brush. Before you pick the toothbrush, rinse it thoroughly with hot water for at least 5 minutes. Even doctors advise not to use the same toothbrush after 3 months.

4. Your Smartphone Not Only Carry Data, But It Also Carries Germs

Source = Gazelle

Back in 2011, British scientists did research on 390 phones and announced that one in 6 smartphones had thousands of bacteria on their surfaces. So it is suggested to wipe down phones with a cloth to reduce the chances of contamination. To keep the phone away from germs turn off your phone at least once in a week and clean it with any antibacterial wipes.

5. They Double Themselves only After 20 Minutes

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From this, can you calculate how many germs are born in a day? You can ask students to add how many would be there after 24 hours. The study conducted in late 1970 declared that the number of germs in the human body may reach 100 trillion. The result was calculated by estimating the number of bacteria in 1 gram of human feces (100 billion) and multiplying it by 1000. (14.2)

6. Kitchen Sink is Dirtier Than Toilet

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Even though you regularly clean your sink, the kitchen is not counted as the cleanest place in your home. The only germy location in your home and that too in the bathroom is the toothbrush holder. But other dirtiest places in the home are kitchen sinks, chopping boards, coffee makers, dish rags, kitchen sponges etc.

7. 10-15% of Human Weight Comes From Germs

Source = Thehealthsite

How much you weigh depends on your body mass, bones, and fats but nearly 10-15% of your dry weight comes from bacteria. Our body is home to more than 2000 species of germs. More germs are transferred through handshake than kissing. So mind it! It would be better if you shake hands with your colleagues or friend rather than kissing them.

8. There is no “5 Seconds Rule Defined“

Source = Safebee

This is another interesting fact about germs that everyone overlooks. You might have heard that till 5 seconds the food which is dropped on the ground remains fresh. But according to the studies, the food when dropped on the food instantly catches the bacteria and there’s no such 5 seconds rule ever existed.

9. Did you Love the Smell of Rain?

Source = Acidcow

hat amazing smell which people claims to love after rain is caused by bacteria which are called as actinomycetes. They are a species of bacteria that usually grows in soil when the surroundings are humid. Actinomycetes are known to play a crucial role in soil ecology.

10. You are 10 Times More Likely To Catch a Cold While Travelling

When you sit close together with hundreds of people in a limited space, you end up sharing lakhs of germs than a normal gossip. For instance, from every corner in a plane, right from the restroom to the seats, bacteria accompanies you everywhere. Germs from a sneeze could easily travel 15 feet, so watch out if someone sneezes in front of you.

But most of all, once you are done with the best sanitary,  accept that some bacteria will stay in your body no matter what. (14.3)


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