9 Countries With Lethal Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapon derives its destructive force from the combination of reactions. Here is the list of the 9 countries that are officially recognized to have lethal nuclear weapons.

6 years ago
9 Countries With Lethal Nuclear Weapons

The bombings in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki were marked as the turning point in mankind’s history. After the first successful nuclear test by the United States in 1945, the nuclear weapons club extended with more countries including North Korea, India, Pakistan, and China.

The exact number of lethal nuclear weapons handed by country is a closed secret but as of now, there are 9 countries to be identified as to own nuclear weapons with Iran joining the group.

9) Israel

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Possess nearly 100 warheads

Israel is understood to have lethal nuclear weapons but the country maintains a policy of nuclear ambiguity. Buying necessary materials from different western European countries, Israel developed nuclear weapons with awareness.

8) India

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Possess nearly 100-120 warheads

It was in 1974 when India first tested its nuclear weapon.  Since, then Pakistan started developing lethal nuclear weapons, making the two rivals relationship more dangerous. However, with the progress of the country’s missile system, the country has gained the capability to strike major cities like China.

7) The United Kingdom

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Possess 215 warhead

The Britain nuclear weapons crossed 500 warheads between 1975 -1981, since then the number reduced to more than half. And now the United Kingdom’s lethal nuclear weapons stockpile consists of 215 warheads. The U.K is one of the countries having nuclear arsenals on high alert.

6) France

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Possess 300 warheads

France possesses the third biggest lethal nuclear weapons in the world, but significantly the numbers are reduced from previous levels. France is powerful enough to deliver nuclear payload by jet plane. Like any other France is also modernizing its nuclear weapons and targets to extend the life of weapons into the 2050’s.

5) Russia

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Possess more than 7000 warhead

It was in 1980’s when Russia’s lethal nuclear weapons stockpile crossed 40,000 warheads. The total number of warhead Russia currently possess is uncertain but still, it is estimated that the country has nearly 7300 warheads.

4) The United States

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Possess 7000 warhead

The United States first carried out its nuclear test in 1945. As far as concern, the United States has the most expensive and the powerful military in the world. The high cost of maintenance and the new techniques to control those lethal nuclear weapons and participation in the bilateral treat new START has motivated the country to reduce its number of nuclear weapons.

3) Pakistan

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Possess 130 warheads

Inspired by India’s nuclear warhead Pakistan developed bomb making materials and expertise from other countries including China in 1980’s. Pakistan had 130 nuclear weapons till 2011, further, it expanded its lethal nuclear weapons development.

2) North Korea

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Exact Number is Not Known

North Korea is the only country that conducted the ballistic test with nuclear material. Satellite images have proved the presence of three North Korean lethal nuclear sites and the country tested its weapons in 2009, 2013 and twice in 2016. Despite so many testing, there is not enough data available to prove North Korea nuclear warheads.

1) China

Possess – 260 warheads

China’s nuclear weapon systems are largely dictated by threats from Russia and the United States. The country is capable of delivering nuclear payload from air and sea. It is speculated that China holds nearly 230 warheads.  (14.1)

These 9 countries are not the only countries having lethal nuclear weapons; there are many countries that are not officially recognized to be the part of nuclear clubs despite of having nukes such as Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, and many others.


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