Biology Fanatics Get Ready - These 15 Funniest Biology Memes Will Leave You LOL

When the teacher says the next chapter is reproduction to the breakup between the cells, this list of 15 funniest biology memes will make you laugh like crazy.

5 years ago
Biology Fanatics Get Ready - These 15 Funniest Biology Memes Will Leave You LOL

It seems like the contemporary world belongs to Meme, like these days social media is flooding with crazy memes and they are so funny that it’s even hard to stop yourself from laughing.

Well, you might have heard about the general memes, memes on celebs, politicians, cartoon character, teacher-student memes and lot more. But, have you ever seen the meme targeting some biological matters, disease, bacteria, and cells. Well, don’t give that weird expression because you read it correctly.

In this article, we have gathered some of the funniest and the best biology memes collection that surely leave you laughing for a while. So, keep on scrolling to make yourself LOL!

1) Cells & Organism & Theri Hug Goals

Source = Pinimg

Well, this hug doesn't seem to be a healthy one :-P , poor amoeba.

2) The Unbreakable Bond :-P

Source = Wordpress

Hey, you all watch out we are two body one life! LOL!

3) Label ME!

Source = Kym-cdn

Hey, biology student I am waiting let’s label ME! Do you find me pretty?

4) Some Serious Discussion Going On!

Source = Funnyminionsmemes

Seems like organelles are discussing something serious!

5) Please Help Me! Helpless T Cell

Source = Whicdn

Awhhh..Poor T Cell, someone (antibody) please help :-P

6) Its Over Between Us

Source = Tumblr

OMG! They breakup, I mean how? Can anyone tell me please?

7) Next Chapter is Reproduction!

Source = Dopl3r

Just look at expression, is it weird or hilarious? Well you decide!

8) Oh Really, This is Fun!

Source = Me

So, is it the same expression you give to your teacher? or what?

9) Just Do As I Say!

Source = Beatricebiologist

Seems like one cell is too dominating and giving orders to  others :-P

10) I Am Getting Bored

Source = Pinimg

Bacteria are playing their own game..HAHAHA! Hilarious one

11) I Am Serious!

Source = Buzzfeed

I Wish……...Oh Really!

12) Cell-Membrane Is Upset

Source = Memedroid

I Will not talk to anyone, everyone spell my name wrong- Cell- Membrane..  Hilarious!

13) Just Tell Me Why?

Source = Memecrunch

Oh God just answer me Dammit !

14) Swell Or Fat Cell

Source = Coolpun

Seems like thin cell is making fun of swell cell or fatty cell ! HAHA you decide.

15) Basic Biology

Source = Imgflip

Thank You for letting us know about it, heartily appreciate :-P


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