Different Types Of Male Birth Control Methods

As the name implies Male Birth Control methods prevents the pregnancy that involves the male physiology. Read below different types of methods, which are used commonly, and some which are waiting for approval in 2018.

6 years ago
Different Types Of Male Birth Control Methods

Birth control is how you obviate the pregnancy before it begins. Over the years there have been different methods introduced to prevent the pregnancy that works really well and are quite easy to use. Male contraceptives or often referred as male birth control are the practices and techniques to prevent the pregnancy that is particularly involved in the males.

The basic kinds of male contraceptives include outercourse, condoms, and vasectomy. Apart from this, other male control contraceptives are in the stages of development.

Doctors are on the Verge of introducing the First Male Contraceptive

There are different types of non-permanent contraception, which are under women’s control and the options for men are quite limited. And now scientists are on the verge of launching the new techniques for male birth control.

Different Male Birth Control Methods

1. Vasectomy

It is a surgical procedure that is considered as the permanent method of male birth control. Means, it permanently prevents the release of sperm and makes unable to get a woman pregnant. This method blocks the sperm from mixing with the semen that releases from the penis. And thus the egg cannot be impregnated when there is no semen in the sperm.

2. Condoms

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A condom is the most commonly used male birth control method, it is a barrier device that is used during sexual intercourse to prevent the pregnancy and decreases the risk of STI such as AIDS.  Condoms are rolled onto the penis before a sexual intercourse and it prevents the ejaculated semen from entering the women’s body.

3. Vasalgel

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It is a gel that is injected into the vas deferens that obviates sperm from entering through. So a man using vasalgel will have sperm free ejaculation. It is a non-hormonal contraceptive and has an advantage over vasectomy. In case if a man wishes to recover the flow of sperm, even after the years, it can be reversed with a second injection. Vasalgel was tried on monkey’s first and now it will have human trials in early 2018. RISUG is another Indian product that doesn’t block but destroys the sperm.

4. Coitus Interruptus / Withdrawal

Coitus Interruptus or pull-out method is a male birth control method, in which a man during intercourse withdraws his penis from the partner’s vagina and then directs his semen off from the women’s vagina to avoid insemination. During 1991, nearly 38 million couples used this withdrawal method. (14.1)

5. Dry Orgasm Pill

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Dry Orgasm pill or clean sheet pills is a hormone-free pill and a high blood pressure medicine that propel semen and inhibits another part of the sex including orgasm i.e men would only ejaculate semen and that too without sperm.


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