Why Do We Yawn: Different Theories

You must be thinking that you yawn when you feel bored and weariness. Different theories stated the different causes of yawning…

6 years ago
Why Do We Yawn: Different Theories

Have you ever wonder why do we yawn? Even thinking of yawning can make us yawn. Right from the unborn babies to the animals every body yawns, and we shouldn’t stop it, as we yawn because our body needs it.  But why do we yawn no knows for sure and according to science yawning nothing has to do with your boredom.

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You must be thinking that people yawn when they feel bored? But see it is also proved uncertain by the studies. Do you know that yawning works in order to help our brains to think a bit clearer? There are different theories as to why we yawn.

Popular Theories About Yawning

Just like any computer that has a limited working temperature our brain is too set at a temperature and when it becomes hot yawning helps in reducing its temperature.

Some study, says that yawning helps in bringing more oxygen into the blood, and releases the CO2 out of the blood.

Another theory suggests that yawning stretches the lungs and other tissues, and yawning may be a way to flex joints to feel more awake.

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Yawning also forces blood towards your face and increases alertness.

Some believe that it is a protective reflex to surfactant (oil like substance) that keeps lungs greased inside and keeps them from crumbling. (14.1)

So if we do not yawn for a long time, or never yawn it would become much harder to take a deep breath and that would not be good for health.

Do You Know That Yawning is Contagious?

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Yawning seems contagious. If you notice anyone yawning, you will probably start yawning too. Even video of anyone doing it can make you yawn. And yawning is so contagious that even if you read about that you start to yawn yourself. I just hope you are not yawning right now!!

At least now we got to know that yawning is not because of any boredom type thing.  The recent studies state that contagious yawning starts from children of the same age as they seek to identify other children emotions. 

How to Stop Yawning?

Take Deep Breathing

If you are feeling so tired, try deep breathing exercises. It may be the reason that your body needs more oxygen. Nasal breathing has certainly decreased the yawning completely.

Have Cool Things

You can walk outside your home or can find the space with lower temperatures. In addition, you can eat a chilled snack or some chilled fruits to stop yawning. (14.2)

Stop Intake of Caffeine

Break your daily routine. The feeling of boredom makes people yawn more. Reduce the intake of caffeine products.

So tell us how many times have you yawned in between?


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