10 Bevy Of Everyday Devices You Didn’t Know Could Be Hacked

In the modern home, everything from Home Security System to Smart TVs to Refrigerators and Baby Monitors can now be easily connected to the internet and hacked. Keep reading this article to know more about some everyday device which could be hacked.

6 years ago
10 Bevy Of Everyday Devices You Didn’t Know Could Be Hacked

Well, We Must Say - Be Alert You Can Be Hacked!

Every now and then, we hear something in the news allied to hacking. No wonder, Hacking has become such an awful scenario these days.

There is no doubt that when your Facebook, Instagram, email, or bank accounts get hacked your life can become temporarily tough.

It’s common knowledge that social media accounts, bank accounts get hacked, but how many of you know about the range of devices and items that are also at high risk of hacking?

The new world of the Internet made our everyday life pretty easier, but also more vulnerable. Yes, you read it correctly there are few things you probably didn’t know could be hacked.

1) Smart Television

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You might be wondering how your TV can be hacked, but sadly this is true. Smart TVs can be connected to the internet and users can easily access movie streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

Contemporary researchers have discovered that the smart TVs are just at risk to be hacked as phones and computers.

A hacked smart TV can be a big hassle for the owners and other members like a hacker could switch channels you don’t want or suddenly raise the volume of the TV when you are not even in a mood of it.

In short, hacked TV can have a direct impact on your security and payment regarding issues. Yes, Andrew Newman, CEO and founder of Reason Software Company hackers can easily fetch yment information and can use your TV as a gateway to get into other connected devices in your home.

2) Printer

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The printer is another device in the list, researchers discovered that by implementing some malicious code on a printer, hackers can easily access it and control the device. The printer hacking is truly an awful event, in which hacker could damage the documents or even steal it.

Once a person name Stackoverflowin claimed he hacked 150,000 insecure printers because he wanted to raise awareness towards the dangers printers hacking and according to him you can be exposed online without a firewall or other security settings enabled, well you can read the whole story here (15.1)

3) Thermostats

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Thermostat, a temperature sensor is one of the most wanted devices of the contemporary world. It is truly a budget-friendly and handy device which helps the owner to control the temperature of their home.

It is quite shocking to know that this functional yet good device can be hacked and a hacker can even control a thermostat, set the temperature according to his/her desire and can displeased the owner.

4) Baby Monitors

Source = Safebabymonitor

Baby monitor - the new-age mom’s take we can say. One of the major uses of baby monitors is to allow mommies or attendants to hear when an infant wakes.

Baby monitors are often linked to your WiFi network in order to run the mobile app and watch or listen the current activity of baby at any time. But, few parents don’t change the default password (provided by the administrator) or implementing security features due to which hackers can easily access both baby monitors’ speaker and camera.

5) Smart Refrigerators

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The refrigerator is another important device we used in our daily life and you will get shocked to know that even your refrigerator can be hacked. People are too fond of smart things these days which includes fridge also, but most of them don’t change the default password or don’t set up security features for their smart fridge which is again a good point for hackers. They can easily hack it and use them to send out malicious spam.

6) Wi-Fi Routers

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One of the unsafe item in your home may be your home Wi-Fi router. People often avoid changing the administrative password of their Wi-Fi and that lead to hacking.

There's a good chance it can be remotely accessed by someone who knows your default username and password for your router's make and model. Not only this but they can also control the network and easily evaluate your actions you, or the rest of your family, do online.

7) SmartPhones

Source = Techworm

When it comes to hacking how can we forget the SmartPhones. For any bad guy who knows hacking, it's pretty easy to fetch everything from your smartphones, including the credit card number you're using to buy that latte." In order to protect your privacy, your data and your peace of mind with this.

8) Landline Voicemail

Source = Huffpost

Do you remember the phone-hacking scandal in the U.K., it was really shocking to know that how these cellular carriers' voicemail systems can be accessed. Sadly, landline voicemail systems work the same way.

Many service providers use a common set of dial-in numbers for voicemail, and many users don’t even change the password or just leave the default password in place or select a password that's really common or easy to remember and of course easy to hack.

9) Home Security System

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Believe it or not, the most vulnerable item in your home may be your home security system. There are so many devices used in home security including front door security system, CCTV camera and lot more. These are the common items used to protect a home is often one of the most easily hacked. Yes, that’s really true! Although in the traditional era, these systems were used in commercial buildings; now people are installing it in their homes.

But, if these systems aren't installed correctly, they can make your home more vulnerable. Also, some users change their password promptly of these home security system but some owners had never changed their default administrative passwords which ultimately lead to hacking.

10) Garage Door Openers

The smart “Garage Door” is another name belongs to this list. Shocking right but unfortunately this is true. Make sure you never leave your garage door unlocked as there are many videos are obtainable on YouTube showing how to hack the door of Garage. And especially for the expert hackers, hacking your smart garage door is not a big hassle even they can accomplish it just like that, so be careful with your door locking stuff.

It is no secret that the contemporary devices from telephones to cars to Wi-Fi routers bring a lot of convenience into our daily lives. But we cannot ignore the fact that these can also introduce a spanking new version of vulnerability, the article is clearly indicating that only.


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