10 Incredible Robots That Gave a New Definition to Technology

Right from factories to the kitchen, robots are everywhere. While many are frightened of losing their jobs, some are working hard to make their robot.

5 years ago
10 Incredible Robots That Gave a New Definition to Technology

Are you a lazy person like me? Yes? Great! I have always thought to invent a robot that could do my all daily chores. Thanks to the innovation in the technologies and artificial intelligence the robots are playing a crucial role in saving lives.

Gone are the days when you used to see robots only in movies. Today, the robots are making a great impact on every field. They can perform multiple tasks such as lifting patients without damaging their back, wielding, orthopedic implants and more. Just when you thought robots don’t have emotions, new robots are designed to take care of you when you are upset.

After the robots have come into existence, humans have become lazy and are making the best use of robots in every field. They are great artists, can show emotions, can be your doctor and can eat. Here are more examples of how robots have already transformed into humans.

You might be aware of some famous robots or remote-controlled robots designed for military, humanoid robot sent in space and other robots used in several industries. Certainly, the future is of robots. So, here are some incredible robots that you won’t believe are designed and has helped humanity in several ways.

Here are the Best Robots Designed from Around the World

1. Asimo (Honda)

Source = Ndtv

Created by Honda in 2000, ASIMO or (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is a humanoid robot currently displayed in the Miraikan museum in Tokyo. ASIMO weighs 54 kg and stands 4ft 3in tall. It is powered by 51.8 V lithium-ion battery with an operating time of nearly an hour. The robot consists of a processor, memory, signal converter and a 3-D computer processor.

With several updates, the current ASIMO is capable of self-controlled maneuverability, recognizes moving objects, sounds, and faces, gestures, and can even bring coffee at your request.

ASIMO is one of the best robots in the world with unbelievable capabilities. It has two cameras inside the head that are used to detect obstacles and work as a visual sensor. What’s amazing is the sensor in ASIMO fingertips helps it in judging the force required to hold an object. For instance, it can lift a cup without breaking it. Do you want to know more about this amazing robot ASIMO? Yes? Then watch the video below.

Source – "Citytv"

2. BigDog

Source = Ieee

BigDog is the first advanced rough terrain robot created by Boston Dynamics in 2005. The robot has four legs like animals and can run at 10 km/h, walk across rubble, walk in snow and water and can carry up to 150kg loads. The robot was funded by DARPA, but unfortunately, the project was shelved after the robot was not found appropriate for a fight. Its ability to climb makes the BigDog one of the amazing robots to date.

It is approximately 3ft long, weighs 110 kg and is about the size of a small mule. The walking pattern of the robot is controlled through four legs. Each leg is equipped with low friction hydraulic cylinder actuators that power the joints. The robot consists of 50 sensors that measure the acceleration of the body, force of actuators and hydraulic pressure inside the internal engine. It was at the end of December 2015 when the project was discontinued in the hope that it would work like a pack mule for soldiers in the field. Overall, BigDog is a great example of a robot that can sense and act.

3. Atlas Robot

Source = Bizj

Atlas Robot is a humanoid robot designed by the Boston Dynamics. The design and the function of the robot were seen by the DARPA (an agency of the US Department of Defense). It uses whole-body skills and balance to achieve two-handed mobile manipulation.

It stands 6ft tall and is illuminated with blue LEDs. This amazing robot has two vision systems installed – stereo cameras and a laser rangefinder, and both are controlled and managed by off-board computer. It can navigate rough terrain and climb using its legs and arms. Although Atlas cannot understand the details of a mission, it does control its balance completely.

It was in February 2016 when Boston Dynamics uploaded a video of a new version of Atlas Robot. This new version is designed to operate both inside and outside buildings. It uses sensors in legs to balance and LIDAR in its head to avoid obstacles. Recently, in 2018, Boston Dynamic released a video of Atlas running and jumping over boxes.

4. 510 PackBot

Source = Amazonaws

PackBot is the most famous robot used in Afghanistan and Iraq. Founded in 1990 by an international robotics company, PackBot is designed for use by warfighters and to carry out missions in high-threat battlefield scenarios.

It can perform reconnaissance, radiological and nuclear detection, explosive ordnance disposal and vehicle and personnel inspections. The 510 PackBot weighs approximately 10.90kgs without batteries and comes equipped with a PAN disruptor mount and mechanical cable cutters.

The robot is operated by 2game-style hand controllers and is powered by two BB-2590/U Li-on rechargeable batteries. It can navigate through narrow surfaces and can cross snow, rock and other difficult terrains. It features an array of sensors and several interchangeable payloads. The first model of the robot contained only a robotic arm and a camera. The later versions of this famous robot were used to explore buildings and other dangerous areas.

5. BeBionic 3 (RSL Steeper)

Source = Kifidis-orthopedics

BeBionic is a prosthetic hand especially designed for amputees. It helps them perform the daily activities like drinking, turning a key lock, writing and picking up small objects. It was in 2010 when the first version of BeBionic was launched at Trade Show, Germany, and Leipzig in 2010.

Sleek and cutting-edge in both technology and design, this famous robot is easy to use and has transformed the lives of several amputees from around the world. Right from simple tasks like drinking to tying the shoelaces, BeBionic is a perfect helping hand for amputees. In 2011, the device was upgraded with the higher capacity 2200mh internal batteries for increased usage time. This prosthetic hand helps them in writing comfortably with a pen and can be bought at $27000 - $35000 depending on the software added installed.

Tell us have you ever thought of something like BeBionic would be designed for amputees?

So next time, if you see any amputee struggling with daily activities, suggest them this amazing robot - BeBionic.

6. Shakey The Robot

Source = Thenewstack

When other robots invented in the history were instructed for each step, Shakey was the first famous robot that could analyze commands by itself. The robot had an antenna for a radio link, a television camera, and collision detection sensors. It also consists of action within its planner. The actions included were turning the lights ON and OFF, climbing up and down, world modeling and traveling from one location to another. Must say, even in the 1960s when the technology was not at peak, the robot dynamics were surprising. The robots’ programming was done in LISP and greatly influenced AI techniques and modern robotics.

Shakey developed the search algorithm A*, but it was not much appreciated. But the planning methods and architecture in Shakey attracted several roboticists from around the world.

Even it was said that “Shakey became a model for future robot systems for half a century.”

Know more about Shakey the Robot from this video.

Source – "SRI International"

7. A Dandy Digesting Duck

Source = Tanguay

Duck! Really? Yes, this masterpiece by Jacques de Vaucanson could bend, stretch, eat grain and drink water. The robot was unveiled in 1739. It was not a toy but similar to a living duck cased in gold-plated copper. Vaucanson made people believe that it is a real digestion process, but in reality, the food was collected in a container, and the pre-stored feces were produced during the demonstration – he hoped that a real digestion process in a robot could happen one day.

This robotic duck design in the history was successful and even replicated by many roboticists. In 2006, Wim Delvoye introduced his Cloaca Machine that could digest food and turn it into excrement.

8. Da Vinci Surgical System

Source = Wp

The Da Vinci Surgical System is one of the famous robots used in surgeries. Approved in 2000, this robotic surgical system is designed to make complex surgery easy using minimally invasive approach. It is most commonly used for gynecologic surgical procedures and prostatectomies.

While you may be uncomfortable with the idea of a machine (robot) doing surgery, robots in hospitals are doing great and saving lives. The Da Vinci Surgical System, a multi-armed robot, is reducing surgical errors and making it less harmful for patients. The robot uses 3D high-definition vision and controls to give the surgeons inside view of the patients. The Da Vinci Surgical robot has done over 200,000 surgeries worldwide and most commonly used for prostate removals. There are many reasons why robots in hospitals are gaining popularity.

Unlike human beings, robots don’t get tired and can perform movements beyond the human range of motion. It also provides benefits to patients including less blood loss and less pain. Three of the arms of robot hold objects and also act as scissors or graspers. Other robots used in hospitals are the PARO Therapeutic robot, the Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot, and the TUG. Here are more human jobs that could be replaced by robots.

So, tell us if you could trust a robot doing a surgery?

9. BUDDY – The Robot

Source = Staticflickr

Do you need a companion who could join you in your happiness, share your sadness, and understand your mood swings? If so, BUDDY- the robot by Blue Frog Robotics is designed to become your companion. It has a range of emotions and expresses naturally based on the interactions with a family member. For instance, he gives you a warm welcome when you return home and also gets irritated when you don’t pay attention to him.

It has big eyes and a cute smile that attracts everyone to be his friend. Just like a pet, he moves around your house and protects every member of the family.

Buddy is designed upon three wheels that make him move and turn. He is 56cm tall and weighs 5 kg and is controlled by a tablet that acts as his face and an interface. Overall, buddy is a cool robot that entertains your children, protects your home and interacts with smart home connected devices. Moreover, the robot also includes an audio output, a microphone, and speakers. He can also recognize speech and speak in different languages like Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Russian. He can make phone calls, act as a calendar, and detect floods or any other unusual activities. Is there anything Buddy can’t do?

So do you need someone like BUDDY who is your great friend and the coolest toy for your kids? You can also know about the Charles the Robot who is similar to BUDDY and can read your mind and mimic the facial expressions. (15.1)

10. Tachikoma

Source = Forbes

Tachikomas are robots endowed with AI and are featured in the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Anime Series. It is a spider-like multi-legged combat vehicle with two arms and four legs. It can jump at distances, stick to vertical or inverted surfaces and is capable of launching gas grenades. Tachikoma can also roll on two legs to avoid an obstacle. It is quite adorable and interacts in a friendly way. If you have watched the show, no doubt you must have wished to make one of your own.

Concluding Thoughts

Modern robots are way cooler than you think. They are small in size, equipped with the latest technologies and a powerful tool for many fields. Robots are boosting the economy because they can do jobs better and faster than humans. They can do everything a human can do (even SEX).

Finally, as technology is improving day by day, there will be new cool robots coming which will bring new potentials and hopes in the world.

Have you ever used or seen robots working and helping the human in any field? Drop your comments below.


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