10 Interesting Gadgets You Should Buy This Year (2018-2019)

How will you react if you forget the camera on your vacation, smartphone when you are traveling alone and laptop when an important meeting is scheduled? Don’t panic! The latest gadgets won’t let that happen.

5 years ago
10 Interesting Gadgets You Should Buy This Year (2018-2019)

Technology plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It has both positive and negative impact to the society. Electronic gadgets like smartphone and computer have motivated the children in improving their creativity. On the other hand, the same gadgets have made them addicted to games. Now they find it difficult to concentrate on their school studies.

It is now impossible to eliminate the use of gadgets in our daily lives. Kids are using mobiles for watching videos, playing games, listening to songs, and doing other activities. Adults are using smartphones for business, chatting and surfing the internet. These gadgets perform several activities simultaneously and minimize the human efforts.

The use of the electronic gadgets is not limited to entertainment or business purpose, in fact, they are now majorly used in industrial activities, weather forecasting, and satellite communication.

Are you a gadget lover? When did you buy your last gadget? No matter even if you purchased an IT gadget yesterday, chances are it will turn outdated today, and an advanced version would have been launched. If you are looking for a shaver that cleans itself or a fascinating doorbell that allows you to see who’s standing at the door when you are not present at home or for something affordable and cool trending gadgets, then check out our list below.

Here’s a list of the cool tech gadgets you should buy this year.

1. L’Oreal UV Sense

Source = Adage

L’Oreal UV Sense is the new tech gadget in the town. It is a tiny sensor and can be worn comfortably on your fingernail. The sensor includes a temperature sensor, a UV sensor, and can store up to 3 months of data. The device doesn’t pair with WI-FI or Bluetooth.

This small gadget also keeps a track how long you have been staying outside in the exposure of sun once it is synced with the app. UV Sensor then provides you tips on how you can manage the sun exposure.

Besides this, this tiny sensor comes with replaceable adhesives so you can wear it again. While this UV sense is designed to be worn on a fingernail, the company is planning to release other accessories very soon that can be worn in different ways.

The device also recommends you the beauty products based on your skin tone. It is the first ever battery-free wearable device that measures individual UV exposure. The device is launched in the US (limited edition) and will launch globally in 2019. (15.1)

2. Honda 3E Robotics Concept

Source = Timeincapp

Do you know what do the three E’s in Honda 3E Robotic stand for? It stands for Empower, Experience, and Empathy. Honda’s new robotic concept is cute and useful. At Consumer Electronic Show, Honda showcased its new product.

It includes robot companions designed to support people by providing a sense of understanding. For instance, the robot’s glowing face would change its expressions instantly as it will greet the crowd.

Honda also invited other companies to collaborate on the project and to work together as a system to help people expand their life’s potential. Honda’s 3E – B18 is a robotic chair concept, while 3E-C18 includes cargo space and is mainly used for transporting materials. (15.2)

3. Aflac Duck

Source = Cbsistatic

Aflac Duck is another interesting and must-have gadget in the list, especially for cancer children. Unlike other robots which are specially designed for education, Aflac Duck is designed to provide comfort to kids diagnosed with cancer. This robotic duck helps children with cancer treatments.

The diagnosed children can express their feelings through the duck. It has 5 sensors along its cheeks, on the back and under the wings. Children can hold a circular token to their chest that produces the same emotion. For instance, if a kid holds a token with a happy face, the duck will react accordingly.

The device is meant to support children who undergo treatment. It plays soothing sounds and takes deep breaths. The goal of this Aflac Duck is to help children feel that they are not alone, it is there with them always in mirroring their expressions and emotions. The duck’s fur can also be removed so that kids can keep their duck clean by washing its wings, preventing it from bacteria and other germs.

It is the smartest toy for kids without any extra features like camera and games but, above all, it is better and smarter than other gadgets which can feel the same expressions. In early 2018, the duck was shipped to children at the Aflac Cancer Care to undergo advanced testing. Buy one and help the kids diagnosed with this severe disease. (15.3)

4. Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase

Source = Wp

The look of this flyer smart suitcase is unique and smooth. It comes equipped with the latest technology, and haul handles to maximize dimensions.

This flyer suitcase contains a USB port with cable and has a dedicated pocket for your battery pack. It also includes a SIM card pin which allows travelers to change their carrier easily when flying abroad. The suitcase has a sleek design and comes in two stylish colors – black and titanium.

This suitcase is a perfect choice for someone who travels frequently. Although the cost of this suitcase is more than an average suitcase, it is up to you how well you take care of it. (15.4)

5. Cross Peerless TrackR ​Ballpoint Pen

Source = Slashgear

How many pens do you have in your collection? Maybe more than 25! But do you own a pen that has Bluetooth connectivity and includes a Crowd Locate tech to search it if it is lost? Sounds interesting? Cross Peerless TrackR is the world’s first trackable ink pen that enables the users to keep a record of everything. It is specially designed for those who want to experience the luxury of a pen without worry of being lost.

It has a 100ft range and can pair with the smartphone. If the pen is lost, its location can be detected through a smartphone. The pen looks like an ordinary pen unless you see it in action. The pen comes with formulated ink that offers superior and flawless writing experience. It also allows you to set alerts if your pen gets separated from your smartphone. (15.5)

Are you ready to make a statement with this cool ballpoint pen?

6. eGee Touch Innovative Smart Electronic Padlock

Source = Egeetouch

The eGeeTouch padlock is the world’s first NFC smart plus Bluetooth padlock and an interesting gadget that doesn't require keys to unlock it. The device has many advantages over other padlocks. It is controlled and managed by eGeeTouch smart App.

The padlock can also trace the records of the access made (who, when and where) with Audit trails. It also enables adding or deleting tags or IDs only by the authorized user. This smart electronic padlock can be unlocked by a single touch through any preferred method either by Bluetooth enabled devices maybe smartphones or watches or by NFC. (15.6)

7. Halberd

Source = Thegadgetflow

Halberd is the new and the interesting gadget that automatically locks your computer when you are away. It is specially designed for those who are careless when it comes to privacy and security. Halberd continuously authenticates your presence and remains logged in. The device has an accelerometer for motion detection and a button to lock the computer with a click while in range.

The Gatekeeper Halberd locks your PC when you walk away from the screen. It is perfect for the office when you may have to step out for a phone call or an urgent meeting. You don’t have to worry about security with Halberd because it automatically locks the system. It also unlocks your computer automatically when you return to your place.

The device not only saves your data but also your time as restarting your computer is not necessary with Halberd safety device. The Gatekeeper system uses a fob that communicates directly with your computer through a USB plugin and an app. After installing the app, the gatekeeper settings can be adjusted.

Besides this, the app also features a setting which requires a pin login from both gatekeepers, and you need to unlock your computer. This would prevent any thief from gaining access even with your Halberd. (15.7)

8. Revolar

Source = Netdna-ssl

Revolar is specifically designed to help women in unsafe situations. This new gadget is your best companion for the time you need help. It is easy to use and is a wearable personal safety device. This safety gadget allows you to add 4-5 persons to whom you want to send messages in an emergency. Pair it with your smartphone and wear it under clothing. Carry Revolar along with you whenever you go out for shopping or travel alone.

Add your family and friends on the list and message them for help by pressing the Revolar button. It helps your friends know your current GPS situation and sends an alert message whenever you are alone or in trouble. (15.8)

9. Echo Ring

Source = Gadgetsin

Echo Ring is the latest gadget in the list. It is a unique and stylish device that features gesture controls and voice translator. This smart ring can translate into 25 languages Speak into the microphone, and this smart device will translate your words into the desired language.

Echo Ring is quite helpful for those who like traveling abroad. This cool tech gadget keeps you connected with other languages and makes you relaxed as you travel anywhere in the world without having to worry about language problems.

Echo ring comes with a panic button. In case of emergency, the button automatically rings to the emergency services and helps them in finding your exact location. This device is perfect for the students who are studying abroad and finding it difficult to learn a new language. It is helpful for travelers who love traveling but find language a barrier to connect with new people. (15.9)

10. Smart Shoes

Source = Guim

Have you ever heard about smart shoes? In the field of technology, gadgets like smartphones and smartwatches have drastically changed human’s life. It has reduced the human efforts and has also smartly improved their lifestyle.

The Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini smart shoes is another new smart device that has attracted the techies. The shoes are lightweight, very responsive and don’t require any device to track the speed.

It has a sensor equipped in each sole and also features a jump test to determine how hard your next jump should be. The fabrics of the shoes allow air to enter and keep the foot dry. The midsole of the shoe includes two technologies which work together to provide cushioning and protection from shock. (15.10)


As technology is developing at a faster pace, there are many electronic gadgets launched with advanced functions and features to change the society.

Which is your favorite gadget? A smartphone, a smartwatch or a safety device? Share with us what is unique about it. Also, let us know if we have missed any latest gadget in the list.


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