9 Interesting Ways To Use Google You Haven’t Thought Of

What is the use of Google? The most common answer would be: to search the internet. After all, it's no secret that Google has be...

7 years ago
9 Interesting Ways To Use Google You Haven’t Thought Of

What is the use of Google? The most common answer would be: to search the internet. After all, it's no secret that Google has become the most used search engine on the planet - so much so that it even gave rise to a previously non-existent term: "give a google." 

According to creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, 

"Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

But the features go far beyond the search engine and many of the users do not even know they exist. Here, Stillunfold compiled a most fascinating list to use Google in day to day life to make your day more interesting.

9. Stopwatch And Alarm

Source = Amazonaws

You can convert the search tool to a timer and set an alarm for a desired point of time. To do this, simply enter an amount of time and then the word "timer" in Google voice search option. Here is a Google tutorial for timer setting.

For most appropriate results, you must configure your browser in English and then enter the command in English. This feature is called Google Timer that lets you control the time of a task or create an alert to switch activity.

8. Task manager

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You can also use Google as a task manager with Google Keep - a tool that lets you make notes, sort events, or let remember you for pending subjects and appointments.

The digital agenda is very intuitive and sensitive to use where it helps keep your life organized on your smartphone or computer.

Here is your Google guide to use Google Keep.

7. Space Telescope By Google Sky

Source = Abovetopsecret

You got it right !! Google can also be a telescope.

Traveling to the stars has never been easier. Thanks to the Google that made it easier. 

Google Sky team explained their application - 

A platform for analyzing galaxies, planets, and other stellar elements that are accessible through the 

google.com/sky page.

The application is available in 27 languages and features images from NASA, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the European Space Agency (ESA) and some other organization. According to Google, it was developed with the help of astronomers from some of the world's largest observatories. 

The tool allows space exploration, information searches on constellations and astronomical phenomena and find the location of your favorite planet, among other things.

6. Virtual Museum Tour By Google Arts & Culture

Source = Googleusercontent

Google Art Project is a virtual gallery that allows users to visit artwork from over a thousand museums and explore stories and collections from around the world.

According to the organizers, it is also possible to make guided virtual toors with Google Arts & Culture platform, also there are opportunities to meet artists from different countries, to study historical knowledge and meet innovative projects from different artistic currents.

5. Database Of Typographic Fonts

Source = Googleusercontent

Google also has a collection of printers that can be used for free by visiting Google Fonts.

The tool has more than 800 different typographic fonts in different languages, which are made available on the web pages for users, graphic designers or anyone interested. 

In the right sidebar you can choose categories, criteria, bold or slopes. You can just download it on your computer or use the internet with a code.

4. Music Identifier

Source = Rootzwiki

The tool for identifying music is popularly available as Google Sound Search application for android that allows you to identify the music you are listening to with your smartphones. To use the tool that recognizes music and music style - simply tap the microphone icon on Google.

When the application recognizes the song, it will show a music note. Just click on it to confirm that you are asking to identify the song. 

The music search engine is available in some countries for devices running Android 4.0 and later.

3. Research Tool For Scholars

Source = Wp

Google Scholar is an ideal search tool for academic information, scientific journals, manuals, books, abstracts and research papers. This tool will enhance your search engine experience when you when you are questing for scholarly literature. The tool is complete accessible for free information and that’s why you don’t need to look for a library’s databases and catalogues.

2. Search For Trends With Google Trend

Source = Parkerweb

Another way to use Google is as a search engine for the topics that is used for a momentarily reads and they are trending on the web. Google Trends lets you explore which theme is being most talked about in each country and how frequently it is. 

It’s still possible to look for specific terms within a given timeframe to analyze which subjects have attracted more interest from the Internet users.

1. Dictionary

Source = Googleusercontent

You can convert Google Chrome into a dictionary very easily. Just type "define:" and put the word of your interest. Results will only appear in English, but there are options for adding more languages.

If you search on the Google Dictionary, you can search for any word and set up the dictionary in your language. Clicking on the word will have the translation. You can also hear - how to pronounce a word or phrase, just like in Google Translate.

But the features go far beyond the Google & many of the users do not even know they exist.  Stillunfold compiled a most fascinating list to use Google in...


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