Do You Know Why This NASA Astronaut’s Space Suit is So Colorful?

7 years ago
Do You Know Why This NASA Astronaut’s Space Suit is So Colorful?

NASA Astronaut’s spacesuits are white in color generally but we got a picture of a colorful spacesuit. And the reason why it is colorful is truly amazing.

Almost most of us dreamt of becoming an astronaut in the childhood. Of course, being an astronaut is not everyone's cup of tea. Usually we have seen the space suit of the astronauts in white color that already has all type of security measures gets fixed into it. The spacesuit itself provides oxygen, it also save astronauts from outer heat and cold, provides sufficient water etc.

We just got something new to share with you all. We got a space suit of an astronaut which is fully colorful. The reason is that NASA works with a cancer centre MD Anderson situated in the University of Texas.

The cancer patients there paint the spacesuits. Wow! How amazing it is, work of the cancer patients will be sent to space. As the cancer patients and the astronauts have similar problems that involve the feeling of loneliness and change of their mind set due to the conditions they are living in.

There will be 3 designs for the space suits.


Courage and


All the three have different designs done by the cancer patients.

Wow! Such a wonderful thought it is.


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