9 Simple Yet Useful Inventions That Add a Sense of Comfort to Your Lifestyle

Even a small and simple invention can be useful & how! Check out these amazing inventions to make your life easier.

7 years ago
9 Simple Yet Useful Inventions That Add a Sense of Comfort to Your Lifestyle

We all are living in a digital world, where each day introduces us to something new. There are some mind-blowing inventions you might not know about. Seeing and knowing about these inventions, you will be amazed and will think how did I live without them till now?

Here are a few brilliant inventions that can make your everyday lives smoother by adding a sense of ease and comfort. 

1. Pizza Scissors

Source = Wired

Aah Finally! For those who don’t have the skill of perfectly cutting the slices of pizza, here’s the solution! The pizza scissors are sturdy, are made from stainless steel, and also come with a detachable spatula. 

2. Goggles Umbrella- Just for your comfort!

Source = Techtudo

The goggles umbrella lets you peek out and lets you see where you’re headed. It also covers your head to protect it from the rain & face from the wind. It is uniquely designed with a bell-like shape and is unlike the regular compact umbrella canopies that offer limited rain protection. This rain accessory is available in two colors: yellow and ash. 

Holding the umbrella lower than usual helps gain valuable inches from coverage and has a 78m diameter that’s enough to shelter two people. Also, the umbrella’s end has a submarine periscope-like shape that offers added stability and lets you easily lean it against the wall for drying. 

3. Password-Protected USB

Source = Pinimg

All the passwords, Manuscripts, Screenplays, Bank account info, or something else are secure inside this tiny miracle. It is easy to use, and this PIN authenticated hardware encrypted USB flash drive is perfect for protecting your digital assets. 

Without the PIN, the data can’t be accessed and remains protected from unauthorized access even if the device gets stolen or lost. When the drive is disconnected, all the data is encrypted in real-time. 

4. Table Tennis Door

Source = Smh

If you want to play some ping pong without even having to go outdoors, to a club, garage, or basement, you should get this table tennis door installed right away. As is typical to a regular door, it comes with a key lock and door. The key difference is one side of the door is green, and the middle of it has a stripe and a net attached. 

A German designer named Tobias Fünke Fränzel is the brain behind this. Though it costs big bucks, it is perfect for space savers and those who just love to play a game of TT now and then. For friendly neighborhood matches, swivel the door down from the frame and turn it into a make-shift ping pong table and enjoy a game! 

5. Genius Plug

Source = Pinterest

The Genius Plug will surely save us from all those part awake and part asleep shocks early in the morning. Its self-healing mesh network technology allows the system to recover when the power is lost to devices or when they’re moved. 

6. Frame TV

Source = Cnnturk

The Frame TV is versatile and a perfect hybrid of an aesthetic frame and high-quality, vibrant TV. It not only allows you to maintain the desired look but also lets you connect the devices to the TV. Its price is on the higher side, but for those with artistic instincts, this is a great choice. 

It shows high-quality artwork and photos when you don’t watch TV. And when you turn it on, you can watch your favorite movies and shows. 

7. Flask Tie

Source = Brit

A flask tie is a slim, detachable bladder to hold your drinks, which slots inside the broad end of the necktie, obscured from sight. Its narrow part (the back slip) holds the self-sealing tube that lets you sip from it so that everything is done without grabbing anyone’s attention.

The office will be easier now, and your boss will be less annoyed. Thanks to its inventor- Steve Anthony! 

8. Crumb Catcher

Source = Buzzly

Crumb catcher is a must-have kitchen gadget that catches the crumbs between stove and countertop with an easy-to-install, sleek stove gas filler. It can be easily removed for cleaning and placed back. 

Added to that, you can create a passage and channel it towards an exterior opening with a place where the birds can feed on it. Well, it takes care of those wasted crumbs. 

9. TP Holder

Source = Imgur

These are pretty common nowadays. And it’s better to keep extra rather than demand it from the crack of the doors.

Concluding Thoughts 

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Inventions are made to fulfill a high-end goal, bridge a gap, or solve an existing problem. Besides those mentioned in this list, some of the non-Japanese inventions are known to be utterly useless since they don’t serve any purpose and would make you think- what were the inventors thinking while making them!


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