Know Here How a Beautiful Black Pendant Can Save your Life

After global warming a...

7 years ago
Know Here How a Beautiful Black Pendant Can Save your Life

After global warming and terrorism, woman and child security is the major issue to think about and fix on it. Multiple laws and various security apps have been made and are broken; some are failed somewhere to be proved as a 100% safety solution. Today, the situation demands something advanced and truly reliable that can come up with an instant solution.

A company named ROAR has designed a fashionable safety jewelry which can be worn as a stylish and unique pendant.

Source = Fortune
It includes a little hi-tech button on it that works incredibly fast to help the woman who at any time feels unsafe to her. Let’s move ahead and know more about elegant and trendy jewelry cum cool safety device.

A trendy ornament for women is revealed to protect them in secret.

Source = Huffingtonpost

This ROAR Company founded by Yasmin Mustafa and Anthony Gold invented an incredible jewelry with highly developed tech features to protect women when they feel danger and insecure around them.

Source = Wittyfeed
This little device named Athena, a name of Greek goddess is a symbol of justice and strength.

A woman can wear this pendant as a neckpiece and when she’s scared of someone or something around her, she can grip the button for 3 straight seconds.

Source = Jawbreaker

Athena will not just sound an alarm but also will deliver a message to the woman’s friends and other related ones, allowing them to know about her particular location.

Source = Wittyfeed
The device will directly make a call to 911 to inform about the incident of any type of emergency.

The right use of device with timeliness can protect lives of thousands of women.

It will be your security guard that will never allow you be alone.

Watch the video to get more information about this cool and beautiful ornament.


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