Self-Driving Tractors are The Next Addition in The Autonomous Vehicles

Bear Flag Robotics is a start-up by Igino Cafiero and Aubrey Donnellan who wants to see the automation to make its way to the green fields from the metropolitan area. Hence their first product is a self-driving tractor.

6 years ago
Self-Driving Tractors are The Next Addition in The Autonomous Vehicles

Bear Flag Robotics is developing self-driving technology for tractors and implements.

Our mission is to lower the cost of farming through automation. The software developed for the tractor, autonomously navigates with or without GPS using state of the art perception sensors and robotic actuators.

The Best Thing About This Technology Is That It Can Be Fitted On Any Tractor

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  • The autonomous capabilities come as Retrofit Kits.
  • Works in GPS-enabled or denied areas like heavy canopy orchards
  • Remote E-stop and Obstacle Avoidance

Tractors Will Be Autonomous But Will Only Be Able To Perform Some Predefined Actions By The Owner

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  • Command and control a mix-branded fleet
  • Plan routes, schedule jobs, and receive real-time equipment alerts remotely
  • Design custom routes with Record-and-Replay path capability
  • Automate tractor operations in broad acre crops, row crops, orchards, and vineyards 
  • Drive tractors in manual or autonomous mode

The Technology can Help Reduce Operational Costs

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Investment in autonomous technology can return up to 75% of existing tractor-driving labor costs to growers.

Automated Tractors can Also Help Increase The Productivity and Output

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Leave the redundant and time consuming work of plowing the lanes to the self-driving tractors while you get something else done. With each additional retrofit kit, operators can multiply their productivity in-field.

Improves The Precision of Work

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Anybody can get tired doing the same work for days on the field in scorching heat. No wonder that it affects the overall productivity of the labor. Automation technology can help in the hard labor like this. Automating monotonous operations frees workers to do safer, more satisfying work.


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