5 Amazing Facts About Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless Power Transfer is perhaps one of the greatest technological innovation of today's times. Know some interesting Wireless power transfer facts here.

6 years ago
5 Amazing Facts About Wireless Power Transfer

Don’t you think that the wireless power transfer has made our lives easier? Well, especially it's been a boon for people who have always hated carrying the electric cables, adapters to drive the power transfer to their devices. 

Wireless power transmission is the transfer of energy without cables and wires. Just like wireless information transfer, the power transfer is also related to the electromagnetic field. 

One type is the transfer of energy from close sources and other is transfer of energy from far away sources. The often used wireless charging are magnetic and inductive charging that transfer energy using near sources. And RF-based wireless power transfers use faraway sources to transmit energy.

Let’s know some facts about the amazing technology of Wireless Power Transfer.

1. Wireless Power Transfer Technology Is NOT A 21st Century Thing (As One Might Think)

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Earlier, some scientists have been credited with the invention of wireless charging technology. It was in 1831 when Michael Faraday first introduced the principle of inductive charging with the help of magnetic field. In addition to that, Nikola Tesla was also one of the pioneering scientists who invented some devices based on wireless electricity.

2. Wireless Power Transfer Lets You Charge All Your Devices At Once

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With radio frequency wireless charging, you can charge different devices at once. As in, you don't need of using 3 different cords for your 3 different electronic devices. All you need to do is just add your device in a cup or box and this will help charge all your devices with the wireless power transfer. (15.1)

3. Data Theft Problem Isn't There With Wireless Power Transfer

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Some people think that wireless charging restricts your privacy in public areas such as airports, shop, and restaurants. But to-date, there have been no reports filed about hacking or information theft from smart devices through wireless power transfer.

4. Wireless Power Transfer Is Easy On Your Pockets

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One of the lesser-known facts about the wireless power transfer is that it is not expensive. Some people think that wireless transfer may cost them huge bucks, but you may end up saving $150-$300 per year by replacing the batteries with wireless charging at home.

5. Wireless Transfer Is Not Bad For Health At All

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The common myth about the wireless power transfer is that the emissions from the system are injurious to health. But do you know these emissions are of a low level and are not powerful enough to affect human health? Even WHO has confirmed that small amounts of electromagnetic fields are not harmful. (15.2)


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