10 Funniest Fails By The Techie Master Google

7 years ago
10 Funniest Fails By The Techie Master Google

Considered as the god of technology and the answer to all solutions, Google has been our project partner and curiosity solver since years. We blindly trust the information provided by it. But folks, open your eyes wide because you cannot rely on Google for everything. Don’t believe? We will show you how.  

Google has made some of the most funniest mistakes through its technological network. Check these out.

10 Funniest Mistakes By Google

1. The road is just going to drown in the river. Don’t know how these cars manage to drive? I am definitely not going here.

2. Look, the Aahat spirit is here. But this is the modern one because it has wore denims and t-shirt with a muffler around. And people are not even scared of this one.

3. Oh damn :0. Hand emerges from the Earth. We don’t believe this at all!!! Google.

4. A very normal day for this man who is chasing the bear. Tough man! Poor bear!

5. I always wondered where did mannequins come from. So, this is its birth place.

6. One of the strangest things ever seen. Don’t know what’s the other head. Dog is clearly visible.

7. Had a bad interview? No worries dude. Apply somewhere else. No need to slit inside Mother Earth.

8. Wooo… invisible legs and flying in the sky.

9. What’s that??? Is he junior Jadoo?

10. She is a born artist. Doesn’t need photoshop to recreate herself. Using natural remedies for modification. Melting under the sun.


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