10 Shipwreck Survival Tips: Surviving The Sea Ordeals

Almost all the ordeals of life come in an unexpected manner but strong willpower and positive desires can help you in surviving the deadly shipwrecks.

6 years ago
10 Shipwreck Survival Tips: Surviving The Sea Ordeals

Tragedies in life do not come with an alarm. You may never know in what circumstances you may get surrounded into, the very next second.

One must always be ready for the life battle. Although, a possibility of such occurrences are less that doesn’t mean that they would not happen.

In past, many Shipwreck accidents occurred which bewilder people till date. Be it the world’s largest ship Titanic or SS Andrea Doria, many real-life stories are faced by the people.

Some were able to defeat the death while other could not and they died in the sea. Thus, if you get stuck in a situation like this, do not lose hope and fight till the end. You may never know that you can survive and come out leaving all the odds behind.

Here are some important tips which one must always keep in mind:

1) Be Ready

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One must always hope for the best but prepare for the worst situations as well. There are various ways by which one can pack the survival bag by placing some essential life-saving items in them.

All these items will help the person when he gets in trouble or danger. One must always remain alert and cautious about the atmosphere and the situations which can hinder the peaceful movement of the ship in the deep blue seas.

2) Stay Calm

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While evacuating from the ship, ones it starts to sink down. It becomes very important for the person to stay relaxed and calm.

Haste and stress will make you take the wrong decisions which could prove to be disastrous later on. Thus, it is very important for everyone to have patience. Do not panic, scream or shout.

As all these things won't help you to get rid of the situation. So it's better not to overreact and follow the instructions of the captain.

3) Stay Together

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In such a situation, everyone should stay together rather than running alone. Tie all the rafts together and in case life rafts are unavailable put your arms over each other’s shoulder and form a big ring.

This will help you to get little relaxation from putting a lot of efforts in moving. Thus to remain in groups is a safer option than to be alone in the deep sea.

4) Be Ready To Defend Yourself

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If you stay in groups, it will definitely help you to defend each other from the predators living in the dark sea such as killer whales. If possible keep a stick to poke the predator way. If this won't work then try to aim at their eyes and the gills of the predators.

5) Avoid Unnecessary Exertion

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Do not waste your energy on silly things because you cannot afford to lose it. Therefore do not go swimming alone in the sea as it would take away your energy and you will start getting tired which could be dangerous for you. Thus, it will be helpful for you to be in a craft.

6) Avoid Conditions Of Hyperthermia

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Hyperthermia is one of the biggest threat to the survival because exposure to cold water will lower your body temperature. If your body temperature gets too low then the body will shut down and you may even die. Drowning and hyperthermia both of them can take away the death of the person. If you are in raft then try to hug your knees, it will give you some relief from getting numb due to the cold water of the sea.

7) Head To The Nearest Island

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If you can see an island heading towards your view then start moving towards it. But, when you do not find a land nearby then your chances of being alive reduces.

Do not lose hope in any condition start looking for the signs and presence of birds, it will surely help you to get in the right direction towards the land. Beware of the far clouds which seem as if they are mountains, instead you should look only for the green lands.

8) Do Not Eat Poisonous Fish

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Be aware when you go for hunting fishes for food. Do not eat jellyfish and parrot fish. Even avoid fishes having a puff or spikes. Look for the fruits on the island as it is one of the better options. If you do not find them then turtle can be an excellent meat. They are easy to catch and are nutritious than the rest of the seafood.

9) Find Or Create A Shelter

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A person can survive without food and water for 14 days but it cannot survive on the land in the open. Exposure to the environment can take away life. Thus building up a shelter and fire is essential to stay on the island at night. It will not only keep you warm but will also decrease the danger of the wild animals present on the island.

10) Signal Rescuers

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It doesn't matter, you are on boat, draft or land. You should always try to signal rescuers as soon as possible. If you are on land you can light a fire to gain the attention of rescuers.

You can use a mirror to reflect the sunrays towards the search craft. You can even make SOS sign with the wood on the plain ground. If possible, you can shoot the flare gun depending on how much do you have. All these methods will help you to signal the rescuer team.

One must never lose hope because spirit and will count overall. If you desire to live then you surely will but if you don’t you will never. Best of Luck for the future!


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