10 Biggest Cruises You’d Wanna Board At least Once in a Lifetime

Are you planning to go on a cruise? Before you book your tickets watchout the below list of the biggest cruise from around the world. You might change your decision!!

5 years ago
10 Biggest Cruises You’d Wanna Board At least Once in a Lifetime

Who would mind enjoying the vacations on the cruise? And not just a simple cruise but the biggest cruise. The lavish amenities, luxurious casinos, mature landscape and what not, the cruise has a number of things to offer. The largest cruise is something with cheering operas, amusement parks and more.

When many spend lavishly on inside cabins there are some who spend more and more on the decor and nifty features. If you are planning or considering the cruise for your next holidays, here is the list of the biggest cruise ships in the world that you can choose for the next family stay.

1. MSC Splendida – 1092 ft

Source = Marineinsight

Built in 2009, MSC Splendida has a ship within a ship. Yes, you read it right! The cruise has the capacity to hold more than 3500 passengers. It offers the guests modern lifestyle and a comfortable stay in the Yacht club. The cruise is 1092 feet long, weighs 137,936 tons and gives a special access to the Aurea spa, one pool & bar and dine in special restaurants. (17.1)

2. Mariner of the Seas -1020 ft

Source = Wp

Built-in 2003 the Mariner of the Seas cruise is 1020 ft long. It is another cruise much preferred by the tourists. The cruise has the capacity for more than 4500 passengers, it has 14 decks and weighs 138, 289 tons. In 2018, the cruise will go under upgradation including Starbucks at sea, the battle for planet Z laser tag, sky pad bungee trampoline and more.

3. MSC Divina – 1094 ft

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MSC Divina takes you on to the beautiful journey at some beautiful locations in the Caribbean. Operated by MSC cruises, it is the third best ship built after MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia. The cruise weighs 140,072 tons with its 14 decks and 1,094 ft footprint and can carry more than 3500 passengers.

4. Britannia – 1082 ft

Source = Cruisemapper

It is not only the huge cruise built but also the gorgeous addition to the list. The cruise is perfect for kids and adults. It makes you find everything right from spa to shops, theatres to a gym. Built in 2015, the Britannia cruise weighs 141,000 tons, 1082 ft and has the capacity to entertain 3600 passengers.

5. Norwegian Breakaway -1068 ft

Source = Cruisemapper

Operated by Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Breakaway is lined with many restaurants, spectacular views, oceanfront and many magnificent amenities. The cruise entertains you with three shows, aquapark, and sports complex. Built-in 2013 the cruise can hold 4000 passengers, weighs 146,600 tons and is 1068 ft long.

6. World Dream

Source = Seatrade-cruise

It is the second ship under the dream cruise brand. Explore the world in this glamorous cruise with an exciting international dining, global brand experiences and a number of entertainment options. It is a large ship with 3365 passenger capacity, weighing 15000 tons with 19 decks. The cruise has more than 30 restaurants and bars and different theme based pubs and lounges.

7. Freedom of the Seas – 1112 ft

Source = Cruisingwithradio

Whether you want to relax on the Caribbean beach or want to explore the breathtaking streets of the city, there are a number of exotic adventures waiting for you. Catch the best of dining, night out, family time and food on the cruise. Initially, built in 2006, the cruise got refurbished in 2015 and is capable of carrying more than 4500 passengers.

8. Norwegian Epic – 1081ft

Source = Logitravel

Awarded as the best cruise ship entertainment by Frommer’s the Norwegian Epic highlights the two Broadway shows, aqua park, spa, onboard shopping, and garden café. The cruise measures 1081 ft, 15 decks, weighs 153,000 tons and has the capability to hold more than 4000 passengers.

9. Ovation of the Seas -1142 ft

Source = Ytimg

Another biggest cruise on the list is Ovation of the Seas that makes you experience several exotic things. Right from the adventure squad to the pool parties, dance classes to pool bars, the cruise has the variety of entertainment and dining options. Built in 2016, the cruise measures 1142 ft, runs at a speed of 25mph and has a space for more than 4000 passengers.

10. Symphony of the Seas – 1187 ft

Source = Cloudfront

It is the world’s largest cruise ship with the capacity of 6680 passengers. It offers ultimate luxury, royal suite class and the royal family suite. If you are planning to go on Symphony of the seas, you have to wait until October 2018. The cruise measures 230, 000 tons, will have 16 decks and is capable of allowing 5400 passengers all at once.

So, which cruise did you ticked on your bucket list? (17.2)


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