7 Most Fascinating & Vibrant Job Alternatives For Passionate Travelers

For travel fanatics, traveling is not a hobby but is a “LIFESTYLE”. And there are some great career opportunities which can bring more drama in their lifestyle. Scroll down and explore top 7 job alternatives for those who love to travel

6 years ago
7 Most Fascinating & Vibrant  Job Alternatives For Passionate Travelers

Add the Essence of Traveling & Enhance The Journey of Your Career!

Does traveling run in your veins? You have landed at the right destination. We must say, it is really hard to find someone who doesn’t love to explore the beauty of the world. But going for a short vacation is something else, there are some people who are just too crazy and passionate about traveling.

Especially the new-age people are really enthusiastic about traveling new places. In fact, there are people who consider traveling to be their life motto.

Do you love to travel but don’t have loads of money in your bank account? No worries, here's a way to make your passion a reality without breaking the bank because there are several job alternatives which are best suited for the people who love traveling.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading this article to unfold some awesome jobs involving travel.

1) Travel Guide

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Let’s be honest, job of a travel guide is one of the most adventurous, exciting and challenging one. Just imagine living in a beautiful country and showing travelers the beautiful places, isn't it amazing? All you need to do is learn about the places you want to travel to and become a successful travel guide. Also, remember once you fall in love with the country in which you live, you will surely love the job of a tour guide.

2) Flight Attendant/ Air Hostess

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Again, this is one of the most obvious jobs for the people who are passionate about traveling. The job of flight attendant is a perfect blend of glamour, money and traveling. The flight attendants and other transportation experts are allowed to fly new cities and countries which makes it pretty easier to explore an astonishing and exotic destination in free time. Well, the crazy work hours and lifestyle is not easy as it sounds. But for travel lovers, this is the perfect job.

3) Photography

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Photography is Not a Job But a Way to Tell Your Story”. The word ‘photography’ is like a deep ocean which can hold bundles of beautiful travel stories. For a person who loves to travel, photography is such an interesting work to do. All you need to do is buy a branded camera, choose your favorite stream (wildlife photography, nature lover, street photography or a mix of all) and you are good to go. With this exciting freelancing photography job, you can earn handsome amount of money.

4) Fashion Designer

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No wonder, there’s a great craze of fashion designing among the youth. This profession truly depends on the individual; it's about how you want to take it and where you put it. Surely, the profession of fashion designing is not only limited to making style statements rather it can bestows you a bunch of fascinating opportunities to go and try beyond your boundaries. You can travel around the world after gaining good knowledge and experience about the stream. Also, you can easily attend any fashion shows and photoshoots.

5) Work On Cruise

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It is no secret that cruise is a relaxing, beautiful and peaceful place. If you are a travel lover, then you can try your luck on some cruise jobs. Working on the cruise is like a dream for many. You receive free meals and accommodation and a great chance to visit the many different locations.  Well, yes it can be a little boring to see only water all around, but when you land at a destination, you can explore each place and enjoy it.

6) Travel Writer/Blogger

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Freelance travel writing is probably a sophisticated job that you can pursue or we can say that for a good writer, it is really easy to club both the activities. You can share about the place and attraction of the particular place, your experience, the shopping stuff and lot more. As a travel blogger, all you need to do is pack your bags and explore different locations.

7) Professional Cook

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Becoming a professional cook can give you some really amazing opportunities to explore different cuisines from different destinations. Yes, if you are good at cooking and passionate about traveling, then you must try for this job. In this job, you have to try out several cuisines and popular dishes that belong to that country. And you can easily do that just by landing your feet in different destinations.

Unlike older era, the contemporary world has so much to offer to the travel buffs. You can try your hand on any of these options and add more colors to your life.


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