10 Coolest Hotels That You Should Visit for a Surreal Experience

These coolest hotels from around the world are luxurious and offer amenities that can only be dreamt of. Moreover, they are budget-friendly and offer unforgettable experiences.

3 years ago
10 Coolest Hotels That You Should Visit for a Surreal Experience

When you think of a vacation, you search for places like Paris or London, or anywhere that offers adventurous sites, fascinating places, and luxurious accommodation. But do you know that several coolest hotels exist in the world that can be considered stunning destinations for holidays? Right from luxurious to rugged, several coolest hotels from around the world offer amazing travel experiences. Have you ever dreamt of sleeping in a luxury travel house or spending a day in an underwater hotel, then your dream could come true? 

Several coolest hotels on the planet, namely the Italian Hotel, Grotta Palazzese, are on the next level in terms of design, infrastructure, and accommodation. These fancy guests offer an unforgettable experience to their guests. Also, a comfortable room and beautiful view could add a lot to the traveling experience. While some hotels are visited for their marvelous architecture, others are budget-friendly and are considered the best travel destination. 

So here we have compiled the best coolest hotels that are unique and would give a surreal experience to travelers. 

1. The Old Mount Gambier Gaol

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Situated in prison, the Old Mount Gambier Gaol was opened as a prison in 1866. Unfortunately, it was closed in 1995 and was reopened as a hotel. This amazing property is near the blue lake and the main street of Mount Gambier. The travelers here can enjoy Wi-fi and a self-guided tour. 

The rooms have heating and bed-linen and have access to multiple facilities. Furthermore, it also offers services like hiking, ping pong, and tennis court. If you are looking for a place that is soothing and could give you an amazing experience, then you must visit the Old Mount Gambier Gaol. 

2. Marmara Antalya

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Located in the city center of the Mediterranean resort town: the hotel is nestled between blue waters and stunning views. Besides the main building, the place features a revolving annex that rotates 360 degrees day and night. Furthermore, the visitors here can experience waking up views of the Mediterranean Sea every day. The hotel offers the best Turkish and International cuisines at the Marmara Tuti. 

Its sourced products are used to prepare delicious recipes and meals. The visitors can enjoy the beautiful view on the garden terrace of the bar.  The rooms here are adorned with pastel colors and highlight extra large windows overlooking the spectacular mountains. The hotel has swimming pools, spa and wellness center, bar, and airport shuttle. Furthermore, the hotel ground is mesmerizingly gorgeous, with stunning views from the pool. It also has a huge balcony with fascinating views. 

3. Capsule Hotel

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Japan is worldwide known for its latest innovations. Capsule hotel is one of the coolest hotels you would ever find in Japan. The hotel features small bed-size rooms and provides cheap overnight accommodation for those who cannot afford expensive rooms. Like hostels, several amenities like dining rooms, wireless internet, and toilets are shared. It also offers a lounge with chairs for relaxing along with reading material (newspaper, magazine). 

Capsule hotels may vary in size, ranging from 50-700 capsules. These hotels are majorly used by drunken men who might be too drunk to return home or someone who might have missed the train. The first capsule hotel was opened in 1979 in the Umeda district of Japan. The hotel was designed by Kisho Kurokawa. 

Later, it was opened in other cities within Japan. Capsule hotels, also known as Pod hotels, are enclosed with basic amenities for affordable prices. A standard capsule is a unit built around a single-sized futon mattress and measures 1.2 m wide, one meter high, and two meters long. Each capsule comes with an alarm clock, light, TV, and radio unit. 

4. Burj al Arab

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Burj al Arab is luxurious and one of the tallest hotels in the world. This coolest hotel stands on an artificial island 280m from Jumeirah Beach and is connected to the island by a private curving bridge. Burj Al Arb looks like the sails of the ship and has a helipad near the roof at the height of 689 ft above the ground. 

This coolest hotel was designed by Atkins (A British multinational engineering and planning consulting service company) led by architect Tom Wright. It is a 7-star hotel and is not an icon for the United Arab Emirates, but also a great example of modern engineering. The hotel consists of 6 restaurants, including The Ultimate, located 200m above the Persian Gulf, offering a spectacular view of Dubai. 

It took a total of 5 years to build the hotel (2 years for the island and three years for the hotel). The hotel has broken several records. For instance, it broke the Guinness World Record for the expensive cocktail, pricing 27,321 AED. Furthermore, it also created the world’s largest tin of caviar in 2016, which contained 17kg of Empress Caviar. 

5. The Dream Cave

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The Dream Cave is a unique abode situated in Turkey. It is famous for its unique rock formations. It is a beautiful cave restaurant that offers a wonderful guest experience. The visitors love the carved rock, modern bathrooms, and stunning furnishings. 

The hotel serves a range of Turkish light snacks and organic products throughout the day. The hotel is covered with natural beauty and also has a winter garden with a fireplace. It also serves a complimentary continental breakfast and is famous for barbecue grills. The hotel offers different room types ranging from Sultan suite to deluxe suite and Junior cave room to stone Deluxe. 

6. Library Hotel

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Are you wondering why the library hotel is on the list of coolest hotels in the world? Each floor here is dedicated to a subtopic. It is a classy boutique hotel and book lover’s paradise that covers over 6000 books organized throughout the hotel based on different topics. The hotel was opened in 2000, and it has 60 rooms. The library is designed to let you experience and feel more like a private club than a hotel. 

The library’s guest room is adorned with framed art and books that relate to Dewey’s specific theme. Guests can also request a room based on personal interests. The rooms in the hotels are elegantly beautiful and comfortable. They are painted in rich cream tones with polished-granite-topped desks. The hotel’s lobby is adorned with mahogany shelves, and the wall behind the reception desk is a floor-to-ceiling faux library card catalog. 

7. Giraffe Manor

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How about eating breakfast and sharing it with a giraffe? Sounds interesting? Giraffe Manor is an exclusive hotel owned by the Safari Collection, which lets you experience these beautiful gestures. The Safari collection operates four distinct lodges and camps in Kenya’s beautiful location and gives you unforgettable experiences. 

The hotel charges $1000 all-inclusive but offers discounts for a stay of multiple days. If you need a break from Giraffe’s Manor, then the place is also home to Daphne Sheldrick Elephant and warthogs. If you are planning to visit this coolest hotel anytime soon, then ensure that you don’t plan to visit it in May, as the hotel remains closed for the entire month. 

8. Ashford Castle

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Ashford Castle was a Victorian Castle over the centuries and turned into a luxurious hotel. The hotel is one of the members of the Leading Hotels of the World and was earlier owned by the Guinness family. Right from the impressive entrance gate to delectable cuisines, the hotel is the preferred choice of travelers. The castle offers tourists a spa for massages, facials, nails, and body wraps. 

Moreover, it also offers activities like horse riding, clay shooting, golf, lake cruising, and more. This beautiful castle was built in 1228 with the first mansion. In 1589, protective fortifications were built, but it took until 1715 for the Ashford name to stick when a French-style chateau wing was added. The charges to stay in Ashford Castle start from $250 per night. 

9. De Glace Ice Hotel

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It is the only hotel in North America that opens from January to March. It is made of snow and ice and an enhancing sight to behold. 

The sculptors made this fascinating design within weeks. The hotel consists of 44 rooms, all adorned with some themes. 

It is a perfect place for couples or a family looking for a romantic destination. The surrounding park covers 2 miles of trails for hiking and snowshoeing. 

The hotel also offers the attached Celsius Pavilion with heated bathrooms. De Glace Ice Hotel is the best place for those looking to spend a romantic night with bae in cozy weather while wrapped up in heated blankets. 

The hotel is built with 500 tons of ice and 40,000 tons of snow. Every winter, the theme of the hotel is changed and attracts people from around the world. It lets you embrace the night that you won’t forget. Ensure that you have packed the right clothing for a pleasant stay. 

10. Dhara Dhevi Resort

Source = Agoda

This coolest hotel features a private two-story villa and signature residence that resembles palaces and has separate sitting areas. In the evening, you can explore lush gardens and have a dining experience in the restaurants and cafes. 

Furthermore, you can also enjoy a barbecue dinner prepared by experienced chefs. The hotel has its features and offers unique activities like riding water buffalo for children. What’s amazing is it also has a culinary academy for those who are interested in cooking. 

Final Words 

If you are looking for a place that could offer you delicious cuisines and also surreal views, then you can plan to visit these coolest hotels anytime. Ensure that while you visit these hotels, you don’t steal expensive items from there like other people and turn into a thief. 

Have you ever been to these coolest hotels? Do you know other hotels that offer luxurious amenities and breathtaking views? If yes, then drop their names below. We would love to cover them in our next section.


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