The Italian Hotel ‘Grotta Palazzese’ is a Perfect Accommodation for Hopeless Romantics

The 5-star Hotel Grotta Palazzese is an extraordinarily enchanting destination in Polignano a Mare. This exclusive and welcoming restaurant lets you enjoy refined cuisines.

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The Italian Hotel ‘Grotta Palazzese’ is a Perfect Accommodation for Hopeless Romantics

Did you know that you could stay, enjoy the views overlooking the Adriatic sea depths, and dine at a 5-star hotel that’s situated inside a huge cave? Well, yes! Grotto Palazzese (meaning Cave of the Palace) is one of the most sought after restaurants in Puglia that has been the prime location for events and banquets. 

Located on the rocky shores of Polignano a Mare in southern Italy (province of Bari, Apulia), it is a beautiful 5-star hotel for lovers. This enchanting restaurant was built centuries ago inside a homonymous vaulted cave ‘Grotta di Palazzo.’ 

Let’s know more about this beautiful cave restaurant along the Italian coast. 

The Historical Origins of the Hotel

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It has been inhabited since the Neolithic age and was once a colony formed by the Greeks. This restaurant might have been in use since the 1700s, where locals gathered to do what we would do in these times.   

In the 18th century, the most powerful landowner of the area threw all his parties here. Gradually, over the years, it became a top spot for the upper-class youth during their Grand Tours. 

The Cliff’s Limestone was Used to Carve the Interiors of This Cave Hotel

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The restaurant is about 74 feet above sea level, and its interior is carved from the natural limestone extracted from the cliff. It also lets you revel in the waves hitting the shores. It gives you the world's most uncommon and upscale dining experiences near the seaside.

The 5-Star Accommodation & Facilities That the Hotel Offers

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The Hotel Grotta Palazzese offers 5-star accommodation and facilities. It has a bar and a shared lounge. 

There’s free Wi-Fi throughout the property, a 24-hour front desk, free private parking space, and the paid airport shuttle service.  

It Offers an Enchanting Culinary Experience

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The location of the restaurant is marvelous and provides you costly food. It is a summer restaurant and serves Italian food with wine in your hand. The view of the seaside is amazing and offers a world-class dining experience. In the summers, you can enjoy continental cuisines for breakfast every morning at the hotel. It is a must to reserve a table 1-2 weeks in advance.

A fixed menu is there for which you can expect to spend 130 Euros (without wine) per person and can also order a la carte. The menu remains the same for lunch and dinner, and the average price per item is 33 Euros. It requires you to order at least two dishes per person. 

Most of the foods are largely based on Apulian culinary tradition. The calamari fritti here is flavorful and crispy, and you can also try lobster ravioli, tuna with curry, and chilled rosato (rose wines). The lunch timings are 12:30 pm to 2 pm, and dinner timings are 6 pm to 10:30 pm. 

A Perfect Place for the Lovebirds

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The place is very romantic. It gives an extraordinary dining experience, a warm summer breeze, and stunning views into the emerald green depths of the sea. The couples rate it 9.8/10, and it is a high-rated place for a 2-person trip. 

To Sum Up 

The Hotel Grotta Palazzese is not open round the year and only during the summer months from May to September. For the guests, a private beach is there to enjoy crystal clear sea, pristine nature, and the comfort of sunbeds.

This natural sea cave is the largest of all sea caves under the town of Polignano a Mare and serves as the restaurant that lies between town above and the Adriatic Sea 74 feet below. Bari is 35 km from Hotel Grotta Palazzese, while Alberobello is 31 km from the property. 

Every girl dreams of a candle-light dinner with her loved one. And there isn’t probably any better place than Grotta Palazzese. 

So make sure that on your next trip to Italy, you visit this ethereal cave hotel Grotta Palazzese having a perfectly cozy and romantic ambiance. 


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